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How To Write A Cover Letter For Student Visa Application [See Sample]

Applying for Student visa is one thing, for the officer processing your Student visa application at the consulate getting in your data is another thing. If there are certain data that needs clear explanation, it will be better you do a brief explanation in your cover letter.

Your cover letter for visa application also gives the whole idea on your application even before the officer or consul goes through your document. This will make their work easier as they already have idea of what they are going to see as attached to the form filled unlike when they expect that a document should have been attached but could not see and guessing you omitted it.

Your cover letter for student visa application also makes your application more professional and this is what many consuls prefer. It shows you know what you want and really are serious about the application. Some people go the extent of hiring a lawyer to help them write such cover letter.

Here below is how to write a good cover letter for visa application with a good sample

How To Write A Cover Letter For Student Visa Application

For a start, your address comes first and it is very crucial. Ensure your address tally with the one you used in the application form.

Next is the date. There are different date formats you can apply. I will advise you use the format the country use in the form.

Then comes the addressee. This is as well crucial. Ensure you are right in the consulate address. Mistake here can render your efforts meaningless. You can check this out on the internet which is now made easy with your search engine.

After this, is the salutation. The consul is the representative of the country you are applying to in your own country. He determines whether you are worthy to enter his or her country or not. Although I always advocate for the first name of the supposed recipient, in this case, it might not work since the consul is in the office for a while and before your letter gets there, he or she might have just been changed. All I will just advice is to ascertain whether the consul is a she a he.

The heading of your letter is the next. State it boldly on the letter before you continue with the letter e.g. Application for Schengen Visa.

The body of the letter is where you state who you are and your purpose of the application. You are to state your attached documents and other things necessary.

Conclude by thanking consul and state your hope or confidence as the case may be that you will be granted the visa.

Your signature is essential after you have written your name.

Sample Of Cover Letter for Student Visa Application

Look at the following sample in order to make your owncovering letter.
Sample Cover Letter for Student Visa Application
65 Example Road
Houston, TX 65999
February 25, 2011
The Visa Officer
Canadian High Commission
358 Some Street
Houston, TX 62253
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am pleased to apply for the student visa of Canada and submitting my application for your consideration. Following are my qualificationswhich make me the deserving candidate for the study permit of Canada
Academic Qualifications
•Offer and Letter of admission from Ryerson University ON Canada
•IELTS score report containing 6.5 Band.
•SAT score of 210.
•Transcript from Houston Secondary School.
•Secondary School diploma from St. Louis Secondary School.
Financial Qualifications
•Financial aid grant letter in the amount of $12000 from Ryerson University
•My personal bank statement for the past four months showing ending balance of $25000.
•My family’s statements for the past four months showing stock account with value of $55000.
•Letter from HSBC Bank offering two year loan of $20000 for my higher education.
•Letter from my uncle, Mr. John Doe of 35 North Road Oshawa ON offering sponsorship of $3,000 per year.
•Statement from my uncle’s bank proving balance of $11,500.
• Affidavit of financial support from my uncle.
•Bank letter stating that my family has good credit ratings.
Total Cost of my studies: $25000
Living Cost: $20000 for 2 years
Funds Available: $50000
Other Qualifications
Police Character certificate from all the cities where I lived after the age of 18
Travel Documents
Please consider my application for the study permit of Canada. I will be very thankful to you for this kind regard.
Anna Doe
Cell: (999) 999- 9999

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