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WAEC 2017 Withheld Results Released

WAEC 2017 Withheld Results of GCE is now here for those students whose results were seized due to examination malpractice and/or misconduct. The West African Examination Council has finally come out to inform everyone about the withheld exams of this year.

The full information you seek is on this page. read on…

When will WAEC Release with-held result 2017/2018?

This question has been one of the most popular asked question since the completion of the WAEC examination because most students who as seeking for admission into the university cannot do so without their WAEC result. The truth is simple, currently, we do not know when WAEC will released all with-held WAEC results online because we are not WaEC officials.

Why Was My WAEC Result Held or canceled?

The answer to this question can be complicated sometimes because it is clear that reasons can be numerous. Your WAEC result was seized, yes, but why. The reason can  be that you were caught cheating in the examination hall. Another reason can be that you were impersonated in the examination. So many people has been arrested and detained by the Nigerian Police due to this crime. Some other can range from misconduct, spying, copying, etc. We have always advised students to desist from examination malpractice because it is a crime to yourself and the community and country at large.

WAEC Examination Center was Canceled , Why?

Examination centers can be canceled and results seized due to the school or examination center misconduct. It is no longer news that some school administrators and special centers coordinators help students during examinations. This has resulted in cancellations of subject papers and sometimes the whole examination could be canceled in that center. As a student, you should report to the external invigilators when they come for inspection, in that way, you could be exempted from the punishment that may befall that examination center.oo

Withhold List – West African Examination Council

The full list of schools that the their results were seized are sometimes published on daily national newspapers and sometimes online.

But currently, we do not have a comprehensive list because WAEC did not release names but be rest assured that we will publish it on this page once it comes out. 

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