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How To Use The Waec Syllabus For Biology?

Biology is one of the science subjects you must have at lease a credit if you desire for a complete waec paper.

This syllabus will boost your chances of making the desired grade in biology in your waec paper.

This will give an insight on which of the biology topics to really focus more of your attention on and which of them to give less attention.

There is no need to search for waec expo, when this page will share with you the syllabus that will help you earn even an “A” biology in your waec this year.

There is not secrete to making it in academics than reading.

There is a story of a student who was so jealous of one of his classmates as he as to intelligent and always making good grades.

He once confronted his friend to show his what he has been doing to earn the good grades in all the terminal examinations.

The friend told him that there is nothing special that he has been doing other than dedicating time to his books.

He was still not convinced.

Thinking that the friend has something extraordinary that he has been doing.

He went to a herbalist to seek for wisdom and success in his academics.

The herbalist demanded he brought some things for sacrifice and later gave him an assignment, which is very common among spiritualists.

Guess what his assignment was.

He told him to go and read, that I he read and he doesn’t score the desired grade he should come and seek for a full refund.

Behold, he went and did just as the herbalist instructed and everything worked just fine!

When he went back to the herbalist to give his testimony, he was told that there is no other means of success in academics than studying.

Why I’m I telling you this story?

Just to tell you that there is no other means to succeed in waec this year than to read your books.

Do you know that universities in Nigeria will not offer you admission to study medical related course such as nursing science if you did not make at least a “C” in biology in your SSCE?

Enough of the stories!

Click Here to download WAEC Biology Syllabus.

Were you able to download this waec syllabus for biology?

Please share your thoughts.

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