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Top Secrets First Class Students Will Never Tell You

For students especially fresh men who really want to graduate with first class honours, there are some secrets first class students will never tell you.

1: They Attend lecture:
Some first Class students and graduates will testify that attending lectures is essential if you want to be a first class student. Most first class students make their notes during lectures and this helps to remind them how the lecturer taught while in class.

2: They are good Crammers:
Although it is advised that you should read and understand, but most brilliant students cram. This helps them to write down their answers using the lecturer’s words. Hence, to attain first class grades, you must be a good crammer. Cramming and understanding yields an excellent result.

3: They Always Want to Know Everything:
One of the greatest quality first class students possess is being versatile. They always read to understand everything. Some make more research on their own to gain a clear knowledge of their courses. They like to read everything related to their topic or course and this gives them a broad understand, hence help them to write excellently well.

4: They are Goal setters:
First class students always have a goal they strive so hard to achieve. There is always a vision set by first class students, which must be achieved.

5: Always Love to Teach Others:
Teaching others helps you to understand well and never forget easily. This technique is always adopted by most first class students.

6: First class students in a relationship:
Most first class students don’t have girlfriend or boyfriend. Studies is the primary reason of being in school, therefore studies should be allocated more time. Relationship attracts emotions and this always disorganize a students and results to low grade or decrease in academic performance.

7: They are gifted:
Its obvious and certain that all hands are not equal, however, it takes a gifted student to graduate as a first class student. Its not compulsory that every student must be a first class student. Do not hurt your self as you are excellent in some other field.

8: They never give up in Working & Praying:
First class graduates are committed and consistent in studies and praying to God. When this two are combined effectively, a student can be seen in first class students list.

My advice to all students, commitment and consistency in studies go a long way to get you a first class. Always focus on your studies and not school activities.

Most first class students do not read much like 24/7 but always find out their convenient time, when they can understand well. Hence Identify your convenient moment.

Also first class students are principled and discipline and this help them stick to their goal.

Utilize this secrets and smile to your results. You can also click the comment button to share your points you think should be added.

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