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10 Tips To Increase Your Chances of Getting A Job

So many Nigerian graduates don’t get a job immediately after graduation or after completing the compulsory National Youth Service Corps.

Many might blame it on unemployment because it is one of the major problems confronting the youths in the country.

But from the employers’ perspectives, a lot of Nigeria Nigerian graduates have not been able to get a job because they are unemployable. This according to employers is evident in their job interview performances.

If you have been invited for interviews several times and never get called back for the job, it might be due to the behavior you exhibited during the interviews.

Don’t look down on yourself because of that. You can still get that job you really want if you know how to conduct yourself before, during and after a job interview. Here are 10 tips you need to improve your chances of getting the job you desire.

1. Dress Smart

Putting up an impeccable appearance is one of the requirements for a job interview. It will go a long way to boost your confidence.

Make sure your outfit, your hair, nails and shoes look neat and ensure your appearance is appropriate for the job role you’re to be interviewed for.

2. Research the company and the role

Don’t ever go for a job interview without knowing anything about the company or the role you apply for.

Read about the company’s job policy, the type of person the company wants and the skills required of the person. This will help you ask relevant questions during the interviews.

3. Be punctual

If you have been showing up for other appointments using Nigerian time, you definitely need to change your timepiece. You can’t afford to arrive late at the venue of the interview.

If for some reasons you’re delayed and will get there late, show the company some respect by calling to ask whether you should still attend or reschedule.

4. Watch what you do or say while waiting

You know the interview won’t start immediately you arrive at the interview venue. So, while waiting you’ve got to be careful of what you do or say.

If there are some reading materials at the company’s reception be careful of the one you pick to read while waiting for the Hiring Manager to call you. Don’t pick a business magazine if you are not grounded in business. The manager might start a conversation with you about your opinion on a business policy.

Also, don’t get too busy with your phone or get carried away on social media.

5. Prepare for the ‘weakness’ questions

You really can’t escape questions about what your weaknesses are. Job interviewers are particularly interested in these questions because they want to see if you can demonstrate a commitment to personal growth.

While answering this, be truthful enough to give an honest answer and also explain what you’re doing to overcome that weakness.

6. Talk about the value you’ll add to the company

Remember that the company is not only employing to fill a position and get paid for it. You’re also expected to contribute to the company’s growth effectively.

That said, during the interview, you’ll need to tell the interviews what you can do and how you can do it to make a difference. That alone might be the reason the company will consider to give you the job.

7.  Sound confident

You really can’t be confident if you do not prepare well for the interview. Boost your confidence with a very sound preparation. Rehearse and prepare answers to likely questions you might be asked. Understand your prospective job role and make some findings about the company.

8. Connect with the interviewer

Before going for the interview, make some findings about the interviewers to find a common factor that you can mention early in the interview. You might have attended the same alma mater or share similar interests.

Mentioning this during the interview will help you establish a connection with your interviewers to increase your chances of being selected for the job.

9. Thank your interviewers

After the interview, don’t just leave the venue thinking about how you perform during the interview. Make sure you thank every interviewer with a smile and a strong handshake.

10. Follow up

The Hiring Manager will probably tell you when the company will get back to you after the interview. If after the promised time you do not get any response from them, contact the company and ask about it. If you don’t get a reply in another few days, try again, but make sure your messages are polite and brief.

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