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Three (3) Ways To Boost Your Grades If You’re Under-Performing

Whether you’re in college, high school, middle school or even primary school, grades are important. Your middle school grades help you get into advanced courses in high school.

Your high school grades help you get into college. Your college grades help you get a degree and then a job. But not everyone is a straight A student, and that’s okay.

Learning to overcome whatever problem or problems are causing your low grades will put you on the long-term road to success. So, below are three things to do to boost your grades in school.

1. Assess where you are in the semester and what you have left to do

Do you need to improve your grades in only one class, or many? Do you have assignments left to be submitted, or only the final exam? Make a list of all the classes you currently have, what needs to be done for each class, and the due dates for all assignments and exams.
In order to get the “big picture,” use a calendar to mark out all your assignment due dates and exam dates.
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2. Assess your current studying techniques thoroughly.

Sit down and think about how you’ve been studying up until this point. Analyze what has worked and what hasn’t – then ask yourself why. Make a list of things you want to avoid doing in the future (e.g., procrastination) – and don’t do them. Figure out what your motivations for studying are and take advantage of them.

3. Talk to your teacher.

Ask your teacher(s) for advice on how you can improve, and where you might have gone wrong. Keep in mind that this conversation could go one of several ways. If you’ve been a lazy student up until this point, and you’re now asking for help, some teachers are not going to be impressed.

Make sure you approach them sincerely and then actually follow through on their advice. If you ask for their help and then don’t follow it, they’re probably not going to be too thrilled to help you again in the future.

Ask your teacher if there are any assignments you can do for extra credit. Ask your teacher if you can hand-in any outstanding assignments, even those past the deadline. Or if you can re-do any assignments you did badly on.

Ask for help as soon as you know you’re having trouble. Do not wait until the last minute to ask for help, or to ask for things such as extra credit. In most cases it will be too late for you.

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