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How To Survive The 3-Weeks NYSC Orientation Camp.

So the Batch A NYSC call-up letters are out!. You’re probably feeling a weird mix of excitement, anxiety, annoyance and for some undiluted sadness.

Whichever state you’ve been posted to, the compulsory 3weeks orientation camp can either be a complete nightmare or the most awesome experience you’ve ever had. Yes, I said it!

Forget the horror stories, orientation camp can actually be the most fun you’ll have in a while. If you open yourself up to the experience, that is.
So this is our How-to-survive-orientation-camp-guide;


1. Please relax, we know you’re anxious to get everything done and relax, but it’s literally impossible to get it all done on the first day. So pick your struggles very carefully, or you’ll end up exhausted without achieving anything.

P. S: Don’t be in a hurry to wear the Khaki either, you have an entire year ahead to rock it..

2. Mammy market! This is your Shoprite, anything and everything you need while in camp is here. Food, toiletries, clothes, tailors, laundry, recharge cards, and I almost forgot, booze! It’s also a great place to relax with friends and people.

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3. You have to time the cleaners who are assigned to the bathrooms, so you can use when it’s clean. If you can’t wait, then you’ll have to wake up as early as 3am to take a bath either outside or in the dirty bathroom.

4. YOU NEED MONEY. PLENTY OF IT. Did the Caps offend you? I hope you understand how important having enough money is. Everything is more expensive in camp, so you have to be adequately prepared for prices doubling or even tripling. Food served at the camp Kitchen might not go well with you, so you would spend a lot on food.

5. I don’t know who your father is but please try hard not to offend the soldiers. They may get on your nerves a lot but steer away from their taunting. It’ll do you good. You might need a favour from them one day.

6. To escape the parades and endless rehearsals. Find a special group early and join them. Groups like red cross, and OBS (Orientation Broadcasting service)

7. Make loads of friends and take as many photos as possible. The memories are for a lifetime. Who knows you may be Senator one day, and the pictures might come in handy.

8.Write your Call-up number on all your clothes so they don’t get mixed up when you take them to the laundry.

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9.Carry a piece of cloth to protect your white shorts when you have to sit on parade ground. Also make sure your hair style is easy to maintain and comfortable under the sun.

10. Make sure to take a power bank along to avoid dropping your phone at the charging ports in Mammy. There are places to charge your phones but it’s advisable to charge your power bank instead so it doesn’t get stolen or cause problems for your battery.

11. There’s one thing they don’t sell in Mammy market though. Condoms. So yeah, you get my point. Know thyself. Come well stocked.

12. Participate in activities!!! Do not be an observer only, you’ll wish you participated more. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

13. Listen to the lectures(they can be pretty boring) but valuable information is always passed across. It’s better to hear the undiluted information yourself.

14. Enjoy yourself as much as possible. Write your own NYSC story, it’s one worth having.

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