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Subject combination for Political Science in JAMB 2015

This article will educate you on Subject combination for Political Science in JAMB 2015 UTME. We have researched this to help candidates (who are yet to apply) to know O’level subjects they will be examined on as aspiring Political Science students in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics or those studying the course under education.

JAMB Subject Combination For Political Science

To apply for Political Science in JAMB, you need the following subjects:-

  1. English Language (compulsory for all courses)
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Economics and
  4. Any other Social Science subject.

In addition to knowing the subjects to write in the exam, candidates preparing for JAMB UTME 2015 are expected to use approved syllabus in other to know areas of concentration in other to obtain high scores. See [ JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects ]

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board will by April, conduct the 2015 UTM Examination for entrance into undergraduate degree programmes in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Vocational Schools. Registration centres for the examination are as published via [ List of JAMB Registration Centres in all States ].

What if you have chosen the wrong subjects?

Due to lack of timely information on JAMB subject combination for Political Science as this provided above, candidates usually make mistake in their registration. Well, if you have chosen the wrong subjects for your course, there seems to be NOTHING you can do FOR NOW. You have to prepare and write the subjects you have chosen. Then check back here at ( after checking your JAMB result for Change of Course/Institution.

Meet Our Course Adviser!

Students Nigeria now have an experience Course Adviser. He will guide you on anything regarding your admission this year; ranging from subject matters, mistakes in registration, best course to study, when best to apply, issues on supplementary admissions, change of subjects, courses and school, etc. If you have been writing JAMB for years without success, this should be your last time. Ask a question now using comment box. He will guide you to success!


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  1. Is eng,crk,govt,eco good combination for political science?
    Nasarawa federal university(Fulafia)

  2. ehiaguina victoria

    I make my weac pepers but i didn’t write econs nd am going for accounting i won’t to ask if i can use commerce in place of econs? cos i filled my jamb for d place of econ i placed commerce there so am asking

  3. my weac is good.I scored 195 in jamb. I wrote Eng Eco. Acc. and. Govrt. fr accounting.or can it go fr political science

  4. sir.I wrote eng,govrt,eco and. acc in jamb.can this go fr accounting in AAU

  5. Please sir my economics was cancelled and I have another result which I have d7 can I study political science

  6. sir what are the subject combination for political science in jamb reply old sir

  7. Please can someone study Political Science with this O’level results:
    Commerce -Abs
    CRS – C5
    Economics – D7
    Government – C4
    Literature – F9
    Civic Edu – B3
    Eng Lang – C6
    Maths – B3
    Animal Husb – A1

    Please your quick respond will be highly appreciated.

  8. Pls i did economics for my o level bt i did nt do it in jamb intead i did crs pls cn i stil be admitted

  9. Pls sir can I study political science with d7 in literature and crk,b3 in math and economics,c5 in Yoruba,English and government

  10. can I remove maths in political science

  11. Sir please urgent question can i political science with these four subject for my jamb eng,crk,governmt and economi?

  12. sir. I want to study political science, and I make all my result, but i didn’t have literature, because I have commercial result, can make it


  14. Yes… You can combine econs for Jamb … But you should have a good knowledge of the subject combination for political science… If econs is among the combination…you can include it…

  15. pls I do not have govt in my o’levels at all…can I still choose police science?although I’m going to do govt in dis jamb

  16. Please I’m filling my form now I have Government-C4, English-C6, Biology-C5,C.R.S-B3, please can I use it

  17. pls I help oo can I study political science wit de combination of eng,econ,govt,agric pls am feeling my form now help me

    • @ Joyce…Do Have Credit also in Maths..If not It may be difficult…Use of English, Government or History plus two other Social Science/Arts subjects will do for jamb…You will need atleast 6 credits in Math, English, Govt, Econs and any other social science related courses to get admission into varsity…

  18. plz i need your immediate answer sir
    sir wat is the jamb combo for political science ,,,,,,,cuz I don’t have economic and literature

  19. plz political science
    English c6
    mathematics c6
    civic education c5
    agricultural science c5
    Islamic studies c4
    government c6
    economics c5
    Hausa d7
    fishery c6

  20. plz political science

  21. can I study political science in lasu with did o level
    ecno d7
    crs c6
    lit e8

  22. pls sir am I good to go with this o level for political science in lasu
    math c5
    end c6
    gov b3
    Agric b3
    bio. c6
    yor c6
    crs c6

  23. obinze bartholomew

    plz sir can i study political science with eng c6, govt d7, crs b3, biology c4, maths b3

  24. can i study political science without literature????

  25. pls can i read political science with this result

    English c4
    maths c4
    government c5
    yoruba c5
    literature d7
    economics f9
    crk c5
    civic c6
    animal husbandry c5

  26. pls sir, can I study political science with this subject combination, English, Government, Literature and C R K.

  27. sir can I study political science with a d7 result in mathematics

    • Yes you can study political science with D7 in mathematics…But it is also more about the university you chose … some would say that you have a credit in mathematics…

  28. pls sir i want to study political science,if i shld write eco,maths,eng,govt in my jamb is it good

    • @ Joyce …Run a Search on this posts title on our website >>>2017/2018 JAMB Subjects Combinations For All Courses>>>you will get answer to your question there…

  29. Please I can’t afford to write maths ..I want to go for political science ..English, government,economics and what can I fill in

  30. Can I study political science in university with this,
    English C6
    Maths C4
    Government B3
    Literature C6
    CRK c 4
    Animal husbandry c4
    Igbo c 4
    Biology C6

  31. Please sir, can I study political science in uniuyo with English, economic, government, and civil

    • It depends…most universities requires one to have Maths, English,Government,or History,CRS etc Atleast six credits…UNIUYO should not be an exception…

  32. is math compulsory for political science in jamb

  33. sir please what course can I go for with this result

    Math’s B3
    English lang C5
    Econs E8
    Commerce C6
    Account C5
    Lit in eng C6
    Biology D7
    Government B3
    Yoruba D7


    This is my waec result, pls sir can i still study political science in uniuyo

  35. sir can I study political science & public admin the this result… mathematics C5, English B3, Commerce B3, Government B2, nd Yoruba C5…

  36. sir pls advise me of what to apply with the result below:
    English :c6
    Agricultural science:c4
    literature in English :d7
    Igbo language: A1
    biology: d7
    am waiting for response sir thanks

    • You have a good result…you can apply for International Relations, Political science depending on the university you are applying for admission…

  37. can I apply for political science with this subject combination English,Government, Economics and Literature

  38. pls i don’t know what course/sch to go for with this subject…can you pls help me out…

    comm – C6
    acct – B3
    book keeping C6
    Econs – D7
    government – C4
    civic edu – B3
    ENG – C5
    Maths – B3
    Biology – F9

  39. Pls sir what course can i study with dix result pls help me sir;
    English c5;
    maths B3
    marketing c6
    government c4
    agriculture B3
    biology c6
    civic education c5;
    accounting E8
    economic E8:::: pls sir help me

  40. can I combine English, Government, Economics and Geography in JAMB to study political science in the University of Lagos

  41. pls I need an answer urgently, I registered use of english, government, economics and mathematics in jamb but when I did the print out, my government has been chanced to chemistry which was few days to my exam i did the exam and my jsmb score is210. I’m to study political science in tasued. what can I do

  42. dear sir ihave eng. govt .islamic and economics in my jamb combination of subject sir can use it to study political science if not advise me what should i do next

  43. pls.I had A1 in commerce, b3 in govt,b3 in math,b2 in Yoruba ,c6 in English,b3 in econx,c4 in crk,and d7 in literature. pls is there any hope for me to study political science in oou…pls..I really need the answer to this ..

  44. Sir me I want to read political sciences in my jamb I registered use of English ,government, lit in eng, Crk.
    I got 215 in jamb.
    In mentioned of mathematics that I now see in political science.
    what is happening?

  45. I combined English. government.commerce and Agric science in my jamb is correct to study political science.

  46. Ajibola Adedapo David

    Mathematics is not compustry in political science. At you most score atleat D7 that is Pass

  47. I combine eng govt crs and economic, can I go for political sci

    • how many year will you study or read political science in the university, and o,level which subject can be require for ibadan uni

  48. Can i use english,govt,civic,crs for political science?

  49. Sir choose commerce,economic,financial acct and english in my hamb for economic,sir us dat correct

  50. Sir, i my good to go in political science. Eng, eco, gov, literature.

  51. Why is political science is so in hot cake every year in every school

  52. Pls i don’t have govt in my o level can i study political science

  53. Sir, i want to study banking and finance in Delsu, will it accept Maths,English,Economics,and Civic Education.

  54. Pls can i study political science without LITERATURE @uniben,and what are those subject that i have to prepare for in my UTME exam?

  55. Pls can I register eng, maths,govt n economics 4 political science

  56. can I use eng econs crs gov for political science

  57. pls to study political science as a course,is economics compulsory in waec,cos i did computer study,in place of eco,pls is it compulsory

  58. Subject to register for political science in jamb

  59. am not really good in maths, infull am not good in calculating, but am a science student, which course should choose, help pls.

  60. Sir can I use dis o’levels to gain admission as a political scientist math,english,govt,commerce and biology

  61. Sir can I use math, english,govt,commerce and biology as my o’level result for political science to gain admission

  62. is crk n literature compulsory 4 public admin n political sci

  63. Eng,Econs,Govt,Crs.Is this combination gud 4 or pub.admin.

  64. Pls i need 2 knw

  65. Jamb subject combination for And pub.admin. Pls i wnt 2 knw

    • pls sir,i would lyk to receive a very urgent reply from u guyz,i lyk to study political science:bt my prob is d subject combination for political science.can i make use of english language,economics,government,and crk for political science as a course in both jamb and utme.pls sir any responds sir

  66. please can someone chose this subject for political sciences. English,government,economics, CRS.


  68. Plz iz maths compulsory 4 combination of political science in jamb

  69. Pls i wnt to study political science, can i combine Maths, Eng Lang, Econs and B.k

  70. pls can I use crk,govt, English and civic or economics and apply for public admim or political science?

  71. is economics compulsory for political science.

  72. pls! I want to clarify this fact… Is Mathematics compulsory in Political Science subject combination?

  73. Pls can i register englis mathe government nd crk for political science in utme?

  74. Did get econs in my ssce bust got govt math english commerce and marketing agric can i go for political science

  75. Sir rot maths englsh, crk, biology,maketin,econmx, literatr,civic and govmnt in my waec ad i have d7 in my econmx, and i wnt 2 studi political science wt ar my goin 2 do

  76. I am a political science student what courses do they set in post utme examination namely plz

  77. Please with English government history and Christian religion studies can I get admissions into political science

  78. pls Sir is.English government,economics&commerce okay for political science?

  79. is economic compulsory in political science

  80. Can I use English,maths,govt,commerce,for political science?

  81. akinnehin stephen

    I can’t make use of civic education now in my jamb right?

  82. akinnehin orioye

    Can I use maths, eng, govt nd Civic for political science

  83. akinnehin stephen

    Can I use Maths, Eng,Govt nd Civic for politcal science

  84. akinnehin stephen

    Pls can I use English,Maths,Govt and civic edu for political science sir….

  85. i chooses eng lit gov and crk are they good for

  86. pls sir i chooses eng.literature govt and crk on jamb and intend to study government and public administration but came to fill my post utme absu form i changed to political science. i hope the subjects i chooses are okey and good to go for pol sc

  87. Sadiq moshood kolawole

    I did eng,lit, am i good to go for political science

  88. pls what is the real subject combination for political science in unn?

  89. emmanuel yinka

    subject m 2 write in post utme if am to study political science at akungba

  90. Can LIB AND INFO SC. go with this? Agric, commerce ,CRS

  91. but i chekd it on 2015 brochure and it was written there that it is either 2 social science subject or 2 art subject with govt and eng and it har been long since i have been hearing d rumor about this math and eco only pls expanciate on it sir.

    • @Masi…: The brochure specifically said English and Maths, then plus either of 2 Social Science or Arts with Govt. What we have here is right, but you may recheck that brochure just to be sure. Let us know your findings to help others.

  92. please wat is d write jamb subject combinations for mass communication in unilag

  93. M so confuse now which jamb subjects are for library and information science

  94. Please I need an idea on the best course to choose that will grant me admission next tired of writing jamb.please help me..thanks

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