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Subject Combination For Computer Science In JAMB

This is a guide for candidates going to study Computer Science/Engineering/Education. We have Subject combination for Computer Science In JAMB. This article will help candidates (who are yet to apply) to know O’level subjects they will be examined on as aspiring Computer Science students in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education.

JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science

To apply for Computer Science in JAMB, you need the following subjects:-

  1. English Language (compulsory for all courses)
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Physics and
  4. Chemistry/Biology.

In addition to knowing the subjects to write in the exam, candidates preparing for JAMB UTME 2015 are expected to use approved syllabus in other to know areas of concentration in other to obtain high scores. See [ JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects ]

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board will by April, conduct the 2015 UTM Examination for entrance into undergraduate degree programmes in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Vocational Schools. Registration centres for the examination are as published via [ List of JAMB Registration Centres in all States ].

What if you have chosen the wrong subjects?

Due to lack of timely information on JAMB subject combination for courses as this provided above, candidates usually make mistake in their registration. Well, if you have chosen the wrong subjects for your course, there seems to be NOTHING you can do FOR NOW. You have to prepare and write the subjects you have chosen. Then check back here at (www.students.com.ng) after checking your JAMB result for Change of Course/Institution.

Meet Our Course Adviser!

Students Nigeria now have an experience Course Adviser. He will guide you on anything regarding your admission this year; ranging from subject matters, mistakes in registration, best course to study, when best to apply, issues on supplementary admissions, change of subjects, courses and school, etc. If you have been writing JAMB for years without success, this should be your last time. Ask a question now using comment box. He will guide you to success!


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  1. can I sturdy computer engineering with
    data processing

  2. Pls I wrote data processing instead of computer studies in waec.. can I still study computer science in university?

    • @ micheal… Yes you can still study computer science with that… but pls make more enquiries about it from your prefered school… so you don’t make mistakes..

  3. Pls I need help, I didn’t offered physic and chemistry in secondary school, is it possible to study computer science?

  4. please I had d7 in chemistry but I had every other courses can i go in for computer science and please which school

  5. Victoria Okafor

    Please Sir I Want To Study Computer Science But I Didn’t Study Physics In School Neither Did I Write It In My O’Level Exam. Please Is There Anything I Can Do

  6. hello pls I chose English,physics,economics and commerce. can I get computer science at uniabuja

  7. Please what is the subject combination only computer science….
    And please the cut off point for computer science in the university of Akure

  8. plz i gt D7 in english nd i apply 4 computer science cn i mak it?

  9. I’m combining english maths physics and geography…. For computer science in UNIZIK …. Is it okey sir??

  10. if u wnt to apply 4 computer science which subjects ar u 2 write

  11. Pls sir what is the jamb combination for computer science cos dy cancel my chemistry

  12. Please Sir i need FUNAI, ebonyi state federal university cut-off mark for admin.

  13. yes you will start ,this subjects is not compulsory in computer science it is borrowing subject especially biology

  14. English language (compulsory in every course)

  15. please which university will accept c6 in physics chemistry,english and biology buh d7 in maths for computer science

  16. pls, admin i need an answer on dis, funai ebonyi stat, jamb cut off mark for computer science and combination of jamb subject

  17. i registerd for data procesing instead of computer in my neco and my waec can i study computer science


  19. Ajogwu Blessing

    pls i have D7 in Biology can i replace it with agric science?

  20. hmmm is computer not compulsory

  21. hmmmn is computer not compulsory

  22. Hmmmm,is dz subject combination good for computer science
    Maths,econs,english and chemistry???
    Jamb said its is english maths physic and one of chem econs and d rest of dem,bt d man dat did my registration replaced physics with chemistry


    Some one who have the following in his waec result can he go for computer science? eco:C6, Govt:B3. Cvic Edu:C5, Eng:C6, Maths:C6, Bio:B3, Chem:D7, Phy:C4, Animal/Husbandary:C6

  24. Pls I hav the following in my waec result. EngCF, mathsC6,civic EduC6, EcoC5, BioB3, phyC4, chemD7, GovtB3, Animal/HC6. Pls with diz can I go for computer science

  25. Pls can i study computer science with d7 in physics?

  26. I choose math,phy,agric 4 computer science, pls will it work

  27. I want to study computer science at oou and i have my math english physics biology econmics all my result are ok but i dnt ave chemistry, is it possible for me?

  28. when I waz registering my jamb I included Mathz,English,Physicz,n I wz told to place eida of d following sub(biology,agric)xo. included agric…I am tkin Computer science …I jez wana knw if d agric I placed iznt wrong for computer science

  29. chinedu onumajuru

    pls i went to study computer engireering/computer science but i fell eng math phy and geography in my jamb is their any problem with dat

  30. And I have c6 in biology too

  31. Pls I have E8 in chemistry, F9 in physics, c6 in Economy, c6 in maths, c6 in English, b3 in geography, b3 in agriculture, and c5 in government. I want to apply for Agricultural economics and extension in uniabuja, pls can I get admission with that? As chemistry is E8 and physics F9. Pls I need answers as I’m at to register jamb

  32. I hv credit in eng, math, bio,che,agri, geography and i failed in physics and i want to study computer science, is that possible to get admission.

  33. pls i hav credit in al d science subject and had d7 in chemistry and biology. Can i use it to study computer science in unilag?

  34. pls i have a, b, and c, in geography, english, maths, physics, agric, igbo, economics, but has d7 in chemistry and biology. Can i study computer science in unilag

  35. Please i want to study information technogy and my combination is (english, physics, chemistry and biology, i dnt want to write maths, is the combination ok? Pls reply

  36. I got pass in my physics and my biology for waec is’t possible for me 2 choose computer science course ?

  37. Hello, pls is Agricultural Science accepted as part of Jamb subjects for computer science?

  38. please I want to know d cut off mark for computer science for university of Ibadan

  39. I intend to study computer science @ Unn.. can I use my nabteb result??

    and if i use just Maths, English, Chem. n Physics in my Jamb… would there be problems???

  40. Your comment is awaiting
    I have two questions
    (1) Is Computer Graphics a
    course itself? ,or is it under
    computer science?
    (2)If is under it, then can an art
    student register for computer

  41. Am just confused, oh! am about registering Jamb and I want to study Computer Graphics in Uni, and what am I to do?
    I just want to go for my talent,I put it because I can draw(talent) and also I did Computer training which is helping me a lot in drawing, and designing of pics and other documents, pls help me out.

  42. if i dont have chemistry but biology only with other subject can i still be admitted

  43. In my waec i score chemistryA1. MathB3.physicsB3.englishC6.biologyE8.civic educationA1.geographyB3.agricultureC4.economicE8…. I dnt my by i we b given admission in computer science ?

  44. please what subjects do I need to study computer science in unilag in waec neco…etc pls reply asap thanks

  45. what if u don’t have chemistry and u have biology will u be allowed to go for computer science?

  46. pls help me.my weace i got D7 in english and and faild chemistry hw do i go abt dat wit computer sci.? Or can i go wit my neco

  47. pls I scored 183 in my jamb and now I credited my English, maths, physics,but had pass in my biology and chemistry and my course is computer engineering, at mouau.pls any hope for me?

  48. I have a prob when chosing my Jamb combination for computer edu. I choosed maths,bio,eco. And they has me to change to Biology Edu with Jamb change of Course. Now, i av been offered an admission. I dont no maybe is promised for my 2 buy a change of course back 2 computer education. Will it work out

  49. Wrote jamb,I scored 209,I chose comp engr,buh I dint do fmaths in my o level,now I’m hearing I won’t be admitted in unilag even if my name is d highest on merit list,cz I dint do fmaths

    • @Mmanuerlz: You necessarily don’t need Further Maths to study any course. It’s optional to have it. Mathematics is enough. That was just a hearsay.

  50. I. Choice computer.science jamb but. My combination is. English mathematics physica economics

  51. I choose to study soil science at OAU with 217 in jamb is it possible for me to do change of course at 200 level?

  52. wot’s d subject combination for computer engineer in utme

  53. I think I have just made a very terrible mistake i chose mathematics, physics and geography with English language too… and it’s either chemistry or biology … will it have any effect on my admission

    • @Ikaw, sorry about the mistake, normally you were to have checked the brochure for the information before applying. However you have to read hard and pass those subjects first. You may have a choice of changing your course to suit the subject combination already chosen or allowing your school change the department for you after post UTME.

  54. Why include chemistry in Computer Science? As a computer scientist, of what use is chemistry knowledge?

    • @Agba Emmanuel,
      Thanks for your question. First of all, we have included the subject because JAMB approved of it as one of the subject combinations to study Computer Science. We understand that your worry is “of what use is Chemistry to the computing industry?” But then Semiconductors are the core of today’s computers (microprocessors, memory, graphics, power management, etc) and the processes to manufacture these devices are very chemistry intensive. Same story for the fabrication of LCD monitors, magnetic drives, even the plastic housings. etc. Research more on the topic to know better.

      • pls i have credit in al d subjects and hav d7 in chemistry and biology. Can i study computer science with it in unilag?

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