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Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria- [Top Ten]

Welcome to Students Nigeria, Are you searching for Small Scale Business In Nigeria you can do? Here we have analyzed top ten small-scale businesses you can bank on anytime any day.

Gone are the days when people go about looking for the so-called ‘white collar’ jobs. It’s high time to look ahead and be your own boss.

These small scale businesses in Nigeria are really profitable and require very little capital to start.

List Of Small Scale Businesses In Nigeria

1. Sports viewing Centre

The amount of football fans is growing in Nigeria daily. Viewing centre is just fun and every guys always look forward to seeing that particular match around other fans with a lot of interesting arguments that always season each match.

Many passionate football fans out there will flood at your centre and you will be amazed how much you can make from this home business idea.

2. Bead Makings

This is another on my list of small scale business in Nigeria that you can turn to a brand and build upon. The fashion trend is something that can never go into extinction. You have friends that have friends that will be interested in your beads.

You just have to be creative and give a valuable design. If you make cool beads, people will buy it.

3. Phone repair.

A few days ago, a friends phone fell inside a cup of water. After she dried the phone and put it inside rice for a few hours, the phone work perfectly but the charging port is faulty. So we went to see an engineer who unscrew the panel before us and went inside a hidden cubicle to some things. 5 minutes, he came out and Holla! The phone is working.

We gave him #500 just for that. If you have the skills to repair phone, time to turn it into a business. Phones will never go out of existence.

4. Petty trading

Am sure you must have seen a lot of people around who are already engaged in this type of trading. You can start yours with packaging and be nice. The sky is wide enough for enough bird to fly.

5. Barbing Or Hair Salon

This is one of the common and most profitable ones out of this list of small scale business in Nigeria. Anything that has to do with fashion trend is evergreen. Guys will cut hair, ladies will make hair and its every time and everywhere. Once you are exceptional and very welcoming, you will have your way even amidst competition.

6. Photography

Photography started a very long time ago and am not seeing it coming to an end. You will need a camera and the required skills to start this small scale business. Weddings, Church programmes, Graduation and other ceremonies are precious memories that people will pay you to keep for them in Pictures.

7. Farming

Farming is one of the hot business ideas in Nigeria out there. And farming is not all about going to the village to plant corn and pass through those stress. It could be poultry farming, snail farming, fish farming and many others.

8. Catering 

Catering is a business that many started as a small scale business and then build to a large scale business in time. Have made chin chin, puff puff, baked cakes, make fish roll, egg roll and doughnut and people who tasted it clapped for you? Then time to turn it to a big thing. Remember this is your business and you can build it as you wish.

9. Snacks Production

Another hot one on this list of small scale business in Nigeria is snacks.  There are many foods, snacks, drinks e.t.c that are not really difficult to learn how to make and are in high demand by people around. Plantain chips, jams, fruit juices, ice cream, yoghurt e.t.c. These are something that people consume daily.

10. Blogging

One of the most lucrative on this list of small scale business in Nigeria is blogging. Blogging is an Internet job where you interpret your thoughts into word. Anybody can be a blogger all you need is a little knowledge about internet.

So if you are a poet, a good storyteller or a comedian, go to the Internet and own a blog. Just choose a niche you know much about and start solving people’s problem with writing.


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