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Seven (7) Career Paths With Great Financial Rewards

Are you a Nigerian student searching for a career paths with great financial rewards? Students Nigeria have carefully listed some careers you can venture into to achieve your desire. You only need to begin moulding your studies into these career adventures.

Seven (7) Career Paths With Great Financial Rewards

It is no secret that the richest people in the world today, apart from politicians are business people who have built vast business Empires for themselves. In Nigeria today, the Dangotes, the Otedolas, the Adenugas earn huge sums monthly that is more than enough to sustain them and their families.
Most people have made business a career indeed. Over the years, there has been an increase in Entrepreneurship. Many have come to realise the beauty of Entrepreneurship and have ventured into it, being in the process, entrepreneurs of repute.

Make no mistake about it, Nigerian politicians today earn more than some of their counterparts in the whole world. Politics in Nigeria has seen a considerable rise in participation and this is directly proportional to them take home pay. A career in politics can guarantee one’s future. This is true when you factor out corrupt practices.
Politicians, apart from their basic salaries, take home other mouthwatering allowances that gives them financial stability.

A career in oil and gas goes a long way to secure one financially. It is no secret that the Petroleum sector in Nigeria pay their staff robust sums of money per month. This sector is one sector many Nigerians dream of working in.

A career in Medicine in Nigeria is very respectable, especially when you are employed by the government, be it Federal or State. Medical doctors are life savers and because of the time they put in to acquire their skills, they are well respected and thus paid respectably monthly. Private hospitals need to do more to take care of their doctors as they are lagging behind their counterparts in the public sector in Nigeria.

A career in engineering goes a long way to assure one’s financial future. Most top construction companies pay engineers a huge deal to keep them happy due to the nature of their work which is sometimes dangerous.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has also seen an massive influx of talent, both locally and internationally. Entertainment in Nigeria has become a career for many, be it in music or movie making. The entertainment industry in Nigeria rakes in millions of Naira and pays those into it huge sums of money.

7. LAW
The Nigerian legal profession has always been one of the best paying professions in the country. A career in law is very respectable and most Nigerian parents would really encourage their children to study law and make a distinguished career out of their lives. Being a lawyer requires serious academic commitments on the part of the students studying law.


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