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See How International Students Survive in Germany

Making a living in universities outside ones country can be challenging at first. This article will teach you how international students survive in Germany.

Foreign students come from many parts of the world to study at some of Germany’s most renowned institutes of higher learning. Nigerians are passionate to study in Germany too, atfer all, who wouldn’t love to study free of charge?

This report follows three young Arabs from their German language courses to the universities and operating rooms. It shows how they overcome initial difficulties and religious and cultural differences to find a second home in Germany.

Requirements for studying in Germany for Nigerians are not hard to meet. Presently, many Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students are in different universities in Germany taking their programmes. Good enough, most of these schools use English in teaching. Check our requirements needed in this post.

Now let’s show you a video of how other students survive in Germany. In this case, three (3) Arab scholars share their experiences. Watch the video below.

Remember: We talked about list of universities in Germany that do not charge school fees, check them here.

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