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Nigerian Lecturers Salaries: How Much Does Your Lecturer Earn?

Have you ever thought about finding out how much your lecturer earn? You want to know whether your lecturer is a “big boy”. Well, trust us! We have provided here some fact about Nigerian Lecturers Salaries.

Nigerian Lecturers Salaries

Here is a list of how much Nigerian lecturers are paid from lecturer II to professor level per annum

Nigerian Lecturers Salaries

1. Lecturer II earns N1,649,509 to N1,979,640 yearly.

2. Lecturer I is paid N2,079,996 to N2,684,010 per annum.

3. Senior Lecturer earns N3,091,505 to 4,455,506 per annum.

4. Reader earns N3,768,221 to N5,004,750 Naira yearly.

5. A Professor in Nigeria earns N4,580,349- N6,020,163 yearly.

As seen from the salaries of lecturers in Nigeria above, a Nigerian professor is paid far more than the rest.

In Nigeria, only a few civil servants salary could match that. It’s no surprise that graduates are vying for lecturing jobs in Nigeria. Although, private universities pay higher than both state and federal universities.

This does not mean that the work of being a lecturer in a Nigerian university isn’t stressful. The job requires passion, effort, sacrifice and discipline.

Apart from the fact that professors are paid a huge amount of salary, they still go sabbatical leave which allows them to do per time contract job with other universities.

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