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List Of Primary School Subjects In Nigeria

All Primary school subjects in Nigeria are listed here on this page.

Are you searching for Primary School Subjects that have been approved by the Ministry of Education and taught at Primary school level?

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Primary Education under the Universal Basic Education is divided into two levels. The first level comprises of primary 1-3 and all subjects aforementioned are taught except pre-vocational studies.

The second level of primary education comprises primary 4-6 and includes all subjects mentioned earlier plus pre-vocational studies. Let us now look at the various subjects taught in Primary Schools in Nigeria in details.

Primary School Subjects In Nigeria 


Mathematics is very essential to the formation of the child. Mathematics is the bedrock of all sciences and science-related subjects and it is very important to for the child to be taught this at an early stage.

English Language 

In Nigeria, the official language or lingua franca is English and this is the medium of instruction in schools. Because of this, English Language is a core subject of the primary education system in Nigeria.

Nigerian Languages

The National Policy of Education allows schools to instruct pupils in the language of their immediate environment. This enables the preservation of one of our cultural heritage which is language.

However, schools have the freedom on what type of language, they should instruct their pupils.

Basic Science and Technology

This subject helps pupils to be armed with the basic knowledge of science and technology.

Religion and National Values

Religion and National Values is grouped under civic education, social studies and security education. For the religion classes, separate classes operate for Christian religious studies and Islamic studies. However, calls have been made to separate the Christian Religious Studies and Islamic Studies from the umbrella body of Religion and National Values so the can stand independently as they have done through the years.

Cultural and Creative Arts

Cultural and creative arts help the pupils to appreciate the diverse cultures in Nigeria and to learn to be creative in the arts. Pupils are taught how to draw, paint and mould in creative arts classes.

Pre-vocational studies

This is a subject that is organised around specific themes particularly consumer education and entrepreneurship. Pre-vocational studies equip the pupils with background knowledge on skills acquisition.

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