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List Of Institutions Offering Safety Courses In Nigeria (Approved & Accredited)

Safety courses are very important in every industry in Nigeria. The truth is every industry requires safety and its members off staff need it to be properly trained in that regard.

Safety course are very important for all entry-level workers this will help to ensure occupational health of the environmental protection of the employee. Virtually all organizations make health and safety training mandatory for every member of staff.

Some of the sectors in Nigeria where health and safety training is very important are energy, power, telecommunication industry, oil & gas and the likes.

If your dream is to become a professional engineer, you need to be trained in health and safety aspect of your field.

 Institutions Offering Safety Courses In Nigeria

List Of Institutions Offering Safety Courses In Nigeria

This article will List certain Institutions Offering Safety Courses In Nigeria.

Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN)

This is undoubtedly the leading safety course provider in Nigeria of today.  This organization was established in 1980 and it has grown in popularity over the years.  Wide ranges of safety professional courses are provided by this organization.  They also offer certificates to their students after the training.

International Competency Certification Center (ICCE)

The institution is certified by CIEH. They provide various trainings in Industry Health, Safety & Environment.  They equally provide online training programs that ensure their students can benefit from any part of the world.

Some of the programs they offer are Health Safety for Directors, NEBOSH, Health and Safety for Manager, Health Safety Awareness and Workplace Health. They offer their course ate very affordable rates.


This is yet another outstanding institution that offers safety courses in Nigeria. This is however a foreign industry, but they have branch in Nigeria where they offer several health and safety courses to any willing individual or group of people.

They have developed partnership with several health and safety training institutions over the years to further improve on the quality of training given to their students.  They have a consultancy center based in Lagos. They offer various safety courses, like IOSH Managing Safely and International General Certificate course.


This organization involved in oil & gas consultancy.  They train oil and gas staff members incompetency and in health and safety. They train them on how to keep the work environment safe for improved workplace effectiveness.

SGS Nigeria

They provide several health and safety related courses to interested individuals.  Their Occupational Health & Safety Trainings are of top quality. Purpose of their training is to improve on the coordination of occupational health and safety risk in any organization or industry.

They equally offer safety seminars and all their programs are available at very affordable rate.


This is one of the leading oil & gas training schools in Nigeria.  Wide varieties of courses are available in this institution of Nigerians. Many corporate organizations in the oil & gas industry have benefited from their expertise over the years.

They provide courses at various levels of Health, Safety and Environment.  They equally provide varieties of management courses and this can help enhance the expertise and professionalism of their students in the oil and gas industry.

Hybrid Consulting Ltd

This institution is accredited and approved by CIEH and it is one of the leading health and safety training institutions in Nigeria.  It is approved for Project Management Institute, USA. It is equally approved for NEBOSH UK and IOSH UK.

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