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List Of Approved Courses Offered In Nigerian Law Schools

List Of Approved Courses Offered In Nigerian Law Schools. The Nigerian Law School is a form of the Graduate School for Lawyers in Nigeria. No juridical graduate is considered to have completed legal studies until he is registered and graded at each of the Nigerian law schools.

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The Nigerian Law School is not, however, for all those who graduate from the law faculty of a Nigerian university; It is only for those of you who may be practicing lawyers. If you studied the law outside Nigeria and you want to practice in Nigeria, you must also take part in Nigerian Law School.

After training at the Nigerian Law School, you sit for the so-called Bar Examination. They will then receive a certificate to practice the law. After completing the bar exam, you will be called to bar. The certificate is issued by the council committee in Nigeria.

List of Courses Offered in Nigerian Law School 

The different Jurassic Studies in Nigerians, as listed above, offer the same sentence since they all follow the same curriculum. The different courses offered are highlighted below:


They are divided into the following aspects:

  • introduction
  • Arrests & searches
  • Preliminary investigations and police interviews
  • Institution of criminal proceedings
  • Presence of the defendant
  • Complaint and witnesses
  • deposit
  • fees
  • Protection measures to ensure a fair trial
  • Duties of the court and of the court
  • Trials and presentation of evidence and advocacy
  • Concluding addresses
  • Judgment and sentence
  • appeals
  • Knowledge


The courses organized under this class are as follows:

  • introduction
  • Preparation before civil war
  • Courts with civil jurisdiction
  • Application of applications
  • third method
  • Interpleader Proceedings
  • tapers
  • Mareva Injunction
  • Anton Piller Injunction
  • Preliminary investigations
  • proofs
  • Preparation for the exam
  • The course of the exam
  • Trial Advocacy
  • evaluation
  • enforcement
  • appeals
  • Election petition
  • marriage
  • Sharia


  • Laws governing property transactions
  • Principles of authority
  • Basics of an Act
  • Registration of titles
  • approval results
  • Rent in leases
  • Transfer of leasing
  • mortgage
  • sale
  • contracts
  • Titles
  • promotion
  • accounting
  • Wills take
  • Instructions and drafting of wills
  • Letters of the administration
  • administration
  • Processing of stands.


The courses are divided into the following aspects:

  • Choice of business and non-business organization & formations
  • foreign participation
  • Promotion of enterprises
  • preliminary contracts
  • Matters before the beginning of the business change of Memo & Articles of Companies
  • Incorporated Trustee
  • Registration of companies
  • Corporate Governance & Administration
  • securities
  • restructuring
  • resolution
  • process


The courses are divided into the following aspects:

  • History of Law & Regulation
  • Relationship to and Duty of Council to colleagues
  • Appointment and discipline of judicial officers
  • qualification
  • Discipline & Procedures of Distance
  • Disregard of the court
  • Rights of lawyers
  • Duty of the lawyer
  • Control bodies in the legal profession
  • Instigation Litigation
  • Ask
  • Dinner etiquette
  • advertising
  • Attracting business.


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