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List of Accredited Courses Offered In Elizade University For Admission

ELIZADE University is a private university situated in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, Nigeria.

The University aims to be an institution with the best traditions in the production of self-reliant, ethics-conscious, globally competitive graduates imbued with requisite skills, competencies and ability to be key players in the nation’s quest for socio-economic and technological development.

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Here below are a list of accredited undergraduate courses offered in the university for 2017/2018 admission session:

B. Sc. Applied Geophysics

B. Sc. Computer Science

B. Sc. Biotechnology

B. Sc. Environmental Management & Toxicology

B. Sc. Microbiology

B. Sc. Physics (Electronics)

B. Eng. Automotive Engineering

B. Eng. Civil Engineering

B. Eng. Computer Engineering

B. Eng. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

B. Eng. Industrial & Production Engineering

B. Eng. Information & Communication Technology

B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering

B. A. English

B. A. History and Diplomatic Studies

B. A. International Relations

B. A. Performing Arts

B. Sc. Accounting

B. Sc. Banking & Finance

B. Sc. Business Administration

B. Sc. Economics

B. Sc. Hotel Management & Tourism

B. Sc. Human Resource Management

B. Sc. Mass Communication

LL.B Private & Property Law

LL.B Public & International Law

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