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Learn How To Prepare For TOEFL Exams In Nigeria

This article is directed at students who are aiming to achieve high scores in their TOEFL exams. From our experience so far, it is obvious that many students dread these examinations.

These examinations are seen by many students as major hurdles and herculean tasks, but the truth remains that international students are usually required by their schools to submit good scores in these examinations before their applications are considered.

 TOEFL exams

These scores are needed to assist the universities/colleges admission boards in making concrete and sound decisions regarding students’ applications and admissions. These examinations equally help schools to evaluate and assess students’ academic standings. At this juncture it is very important to know and understand the following facts about the examination.

  1. It is very possible to pass these exams and score very high. We know this because, we are a living proof.
  2. Failing the exam once is not the end of life, but a very good opportunity to learn and become better.
  3. Most students who have high scores in these examinations have sat for the exam at least twice.
  4. Hiring the services of a mercenary will always backfire; you will only waste your time and lose your money.

Having said all these, we are here to encourage and inspire you to success. There is really no big deal about TOEFL.

How To Prepare For TOEFL In Nigeria

Below are several things you can do in preparation for your TOEFL exam.

Create A Study Plan

Before embarking on anything, it is good practice to plan ahead. Like the saying goes “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. The same applies to writing your TOEFL.

The test consists of four parts which includes reading, listening, speaking and writing. Therefore, you should create a time table and allocate specific times for practicing each part.

The time allocation can be customized to suit your needs. First carry out an analysis to determine your strength and weakness. You can do this by writing a mock test. This will serve as a baseline for you to build on.

Your plan will then focus more time on the parts with low scores in the mock test.

Gain More Knowledge

After creating your plan, the next step is to arm yourself with more knowledge. This should be based on your weakness identified.

For example, if writing is your weakness, then you can look for written samples and read several daily.

Look for different formats such as those written to capture compare/contrast, agree/disagree, description, explanation and imaginary types of essay samples.

Don’t just stick with one format but be flexible so that you can become more versatile.

Gain More Speed And Accuracy

When you feel ready and armed with enough knowledge, then you can begin to practice.

At this point you will need complete sample questions which you can answer.

Make sure you do away with any form of distraction and make it feel like a real test.

Setup up a timer and first of all repeat the initial sample test you wrote earlier and compare the results.

Next you can try out different sample tests and if there is any question that you find difficult, you should get someone to explain it better and help you in answering it.

The goal at this stage is not only to be able to finish on time but to also answer as many questions as possible correctly.

There is no point if you finish on time but do not answer most questions correctly or if you can answer most questions correctly but cannot beat the time. Therefore soeed and accuracy are both important.

With constant practice you will eventually gain more speed and accuracy and be ready to face the real test.

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