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JAMB Admission Status- Things You Must Note

Following questions we have received from candidates concerning the meaning of some terms like “NOT ADMITTED”, “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS” etc they see on their CAPS portal, we would like to explain some few things concerning that.

Though JAMB has not made any official remark on this recently, however, we can deduce the possible meaning of these terms from what was said during the CAPS sensitization programme earlier this year.

If your Admission Status on the CAPS Portal reads “NOT ADMITTED”, it could be that your school of choice is yet to send the proposed the list of admitted candidates to JAMB. However if your school of choice has released its admission list and your admission status on CAPS Portal still shows “NOT ADMITTED” then it simply means that you have not been considered for admission in that school.

For those that their Admission Status reads “RECOMMENDED”, the possible meaning to that is though your school of choice has considered you for admission, JAMB is still reviewing your admission to ensure it complies with all the necessary criteria put in place by your school of choice and JAMB.

On the other hand, if you see “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS…..” it is likely that you have met the requirements to be admitted in your school of choice but not yet considered for admission due to issues like admission quota, ELDS, Male to female ratio etc. This means you may have a chance of being admitted if some other candidates that were offered admission in the school decide to reject the admission.

So if you are yet to be admitted, the best you can do is keep checking back on the portal and hope your admission status changes.

For those who have been admitted, congratulations! Please go ahead to accept your admission unless you no longer want the admission; in that case, you can reject it.

Finally, for those that say they were unable to see anything when they log on to their CAPS portal through their JAMB Profiles, please try using a computer system or change your browser.

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  1. I applied through direct entry! I tried to check my admission status through my jamb profile but it showed year of examination for utme and I didn’t do utme, I only did post utme for my school of choice. I tried to login into the caps portal directly and it showed invalid login credentials. Pls what do I do? I would love to know if to general for all direct entry applicants.

  2. What about DE Aspirant, are they expected to be admitted through CAPS?

  3. Pls,I opened the caps,then I saw only the school I selected as my firstly choice school while I was registering for jamb,but I did not participate in their admission processes,the only school I participated is not there,pls I want know if is only first institution I registered in jamb will be displayed in caps portal,if yes,then how
    will I see the school I participated in their admission processes in jamb caps portal,thanks.

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