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How To Survive As A Village Corp Member

You are posted to an interior of a local government area somewhere in Nigeria and you want to know how to survive as a village corp member. this article is for you.

Serving somewhere in a village is not the end of the world. Here are 7 things you can do to survive as a village corp member:

How To Survive As A Village Corp Member

Understand the terrain:

If you are posted to a village, the first thing you should do is, understand the terrain. Don’t waste time, just accept your situation (unless you have a good way out), understand the way things work there and look for the best way to work things out suitably.

If there’s no power supply, try to locate a place to charge; if there’s no water, get to know how they get water there, see if you can improve on it, if not, manage it.

If bank is far, plan how many trips you’ll need in a month and know how much you will need to withdraw at each trip then make sure to head to the market immediately and get all you need so you don’t spend it on unnecessary stuff and end up going back for an unplanned withdrawal. Better still you can make mobile transfer to someone going to withdraw to help save a little money.

Don’t stay idle:

Since what you’ll most likely be doing is teaching, you’ll have plenty of time on your hands. Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT STAY IDLE. Learn something new, organize a coaching class (if you can), learn or teach a skill, join others in doing productive things and look out to improve yourself. Just don’t stay idle.

Learn something new:

Offcourse your PPA is in a village, and there are probably a few things you tolerate about the place, yet you can try to learn something there. For instance, you can learn tailoring, farming, fishing etc that could actually come in handy and even fetch you something. Just be determined not to waste your service year.

You also can look for what works for you in the community where you are. Try to also take a certification course if you can especially on a lucrative field. Of course, this will cost you more but it would pay on the long run if you take it serious.

Read, educate and improve on yourself:

Reading should be one of those things that will keep you sane in your PPA. Read fiction novels, non-fiction books, solve GMAT, TOEFL, or GRE questions. Read inspirational books, read more on your career path. Read both e-books and hard cover, just read and improve on yourself so you come out of your service year a better and improved person.

Discover a hobby:

Plenty free time affords you the opportunity to discover a new hobby, or work on an existing one. Your hobby can be anything from writing, painting, coding, sports or anything. Just figure out what hobby you’re going to work on or discover and you’ll well be on your way to success.

Set goals, make plans, get new ideas:

Being in a village should expose you to new ways, who knows, you might just discover the next big thing due to a solution to a problem you noticed in the community. Also set goals and make plans for life after NYSC. Use the time to discover the real you, update your CV, learn a helpful skill, engage in meaningful activities etc.

Leave your PPA once in a while:

This is very important; the more you stay in your PPA, the more your mind gets attuned to the way of life of the community where you are. It will be best if you leave once in a while, visit a friend, attend a conference in the city, etc.

Keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the outside world, and make best use of your social media when you can. Don’t just go online to chat and read posts, do virtual networking, meet people via social media, you can also sell your products using social media platforms as a means of advertisement and also connect with like minds.

Yes, serving in the village is definitely not easy; but it will open your eyes to new ways, traditions and experiences. You may not be able to do one thing but trust me you can build on that other thing you do and it will be a huge success. In all, you will come, see,  and still conquer.

So what is your own NYSC story? Do you have questions, comments or additions? Hit the comment.

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