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Gapp is the latest CGPA Calculator for Students (Free Download)

The problem of calculating your Cumulative Grade Point in school has just been solved. Gapp is the latest CGPA Calculator for Students and good enough, download is free, app is simple to use, without disturbing ads and does not require internet connection. A cool way to carry your college, polytechnic and university grades in your pocket-sized android mobile devices.

Gapp was developed by a solution-minded Nigerian student studying in EMU, Turkey as part of his 2nd year coursework/project.

Gapp provide a user-friendly and flexible way of grading ones CGPA irrespective of the type of programmes. Gapp records score (in the input section) from A+, A, B+, B,…, F; in so doing captures even the Nigerian Polytechnic GP grading system as explained here.

Developers Argument for Gapp

The developer believes that, apart from checking their results in from their Course Advisers and copying the raw grades in notebooks, students also need to keep a copy for references – just in case of missing grades. Moreover, carrying ones’ grades around in mobile phone have some motivational impact on the student who continually strives to get better grades.

What Gapp can do

Aside the ecstasy of use and sleek user-friendly design, Gapp have the following features as tested and confirmed by Students Nigeria:

1. Add Courses with either Letter grade or Percentage Grade.
2. Calculate Students’ CGPA with a single click.
3. Users can view all added courses.
4. Users delete and edit added Courses.
5. Gapp allows users check their award, if any.

Please, Note that the app Uses only Letter Grades from A to F for it GPA grading.

You can freely download Gapp from Google PlayStore:

Also like Gapp on Facebook. :

Good thing is, unlike the top 10 addictive android games that compete with your success, Gapp restores confidence in GP Calculation.

CGPA Calculation can’t get any easier!


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