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Five (5) Vital Things To Do After NYSC POP

If you think life will be alot easier after NYSC POP, believe me that’s not always the case. Many Corps Members are not prepared for this next phase of life after NYSC.

There are just a handful of opportunities out there and you got many job seekers like you to compete with. So,With this in mind we have highlighted five (5) vital things you should do after NYSC POP.

Below are five important things you should after NYSC POP.

(1) Exchange Contacts with Others and keep in Touch:

It’s very common for most of us to get so drowned in the excitement of passing out. During your POP, don’t just pout your lips and take photos with your supposed Corper friends. Exchange phone numbers, emails and contacts with them and keep in touch afterwards. This way you can know what is going on in their lives and if there is any opportunity they may know which might be helpful to you.

(2) Create a Professional Profile:

I’ve come to realize that a lot of fresh graduates today underestimate the importance of a professionally drafted profile. First, prepare a professional linkedin profile, Prepare a good CV and Cover Letter and keep them handy. Always have a copy in your mail box and if possible in your phone. You never can tell where they will be needed. You don’t want to lose that mouth watering job in an Oil Company in Lagos just because you couldn’t provide your CV when needed.

(3) Network:

Leave your nest and start networking with other professionals. Go out for events and meet people. By events we don’t mean “night clubs”. Go out for seminars, workshops and meet your mentors. There is more chance to meet an important person in an event than just sitting at home facebooking..

(4) Announce yourself:

Except for you parents and siblings, most people really do not care what you are doing. You have to tell them yourself. Let them know you need a job. And if yours is business, be sure to announce your business or product everywhere you go.

(5) Start Small:

We know you have big dreams, you want to work in shell or chevron but you have to start from somewhere. Start with the 30k teaching job or the next available option. Starting small doesn’t make you small, it only makes you prepare for the big job ahead and also helps you increase your CV experience.

You want to start a business? Start small! Think big but start small. Start with the 50k you’ve saved from your allawee and grow. There is so much you learn when you start small and grow big.

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