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Five (5) Serious Businesses You Can Do As A Corp Member

While we can debate the fact that it is possible to live and thrive on 19800, that is not the subject of this post.
We want to unveil 5 serious businesses you can do as Corp Member while serving.

1. Photographer and videographer

This is another small business idea to start during NYSC. The advent of camera phone have reduced the lucrative nature of this business, however the business is still somewhat profitable.

2. Mini computer business centre (mainly photocopying, laminating and typing)

With 3 in 1 HP printer, laptop or desktop; you can start a mini computer business centre. This you can site close to your family house or school area depending on your residential area. There is lots profit in this business.

3. Internet Business

The internet rocks right now and there is much work you can do on the internet to make you money as as a side hustle.
There are emerging jobs like content development, social media management, social media marketing, mini importation or these that you can do and make serious money on the side so much so that you no longer need for your salary.

4. Game and life fitness centre

If you are the game type, you can open a game and fit centre. Youths of these days enjoys games so much. There are different games you can start like; table tennis, weight lift, chess game in addition to personal fitness exercise room. This is usually lucrative if you are posted to the city for your primary assignment.

5. Research Award project centre

Setting up research award project centre in conjunction with those had passed out from NYSC service can be a profitable venture. Local, state and federal award are what every NYSC corper member is aiming for. So, setting up a centre that will see to this and help corp member achieve it can be lucrative.

This post was made so that you can do much more with your life and make so much money that you get to forget about the government salary and when your mates are anxiously waiting and crying for government to pay every month, you are living large and smiling to the bank always.

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