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Tips/Effective Ways To Cram For An Exam Successfully

Here are some tips to help you cram for an exam. ‘Cramming’ is a habit of trying to pursue something in the very last period before the big day comes. It is a very inefficient behaviour.

There are several ways to effectively deal with when you are intensively catching up during a short period, especially the day before the exam.

 cram for an exam

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Last Minute Tips

  • Prioritize studying the toughest topics early in the morning. Go to a quiet place free of any distractions. Drinking coffee can make you stay alert and awake if you need to catch up things the night before the big day. Just be mindful of caffeine and sugar. Do not to drink too much to protect your health.
  • Spend every minute prudently. Try having a 50/10 rule. As much as possible, utilise every 50 minutes of your hour to grasp the significant parts of what you are studying without any interruptions. After an intimate study and hitting 50 minutes, have a short break of not more than 10 minutes. Once you mastered this method, you get the urge to catch up more to learn. Treat every minute as vital.
  • Practice rewriting a lengthy topic. Emphasize what is important. Summarizing ideas will enable you to remember the critical details that will help you during the exam. Once you have the major concepts in mind by heart, you can easily connect the less essential information that may also appear on the exam.
  • Use techniques to skyrocket your ability to memorise information easily like a mnemonic tool.
  • Practice yourself connecting the dots. Prioritize the main topics first then attach the subordinating ideas later on.
  • Another practice that works too is having someone to pre-test your knowledge. A question-and-answer approach works. Let your friend ask you questions, and then you answer. This habit will help you to focus more on the things you are having a challenge.
  • You need to take a rest before the day of the exam so that you will not feel burnt out during the test.

Utilizing a Mnemonic Device

Here’s an example of a memory tool to effectively remember the information. To recall all the instructions on how to treat a sprain, come up with an acronym like “RICE”. By retaining the first letter of each step, you will be able to summon up everything quickly (Rest the injured area. Ice the sprain. Compress with wrap or bandage. Elevate the damaged area.).

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