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Dentistry Is Not Just An Ordinary Course But A Good Profession!

Indeed: Dentistry Is Not Just An Ordinary Course But A Good Profession!

Idris was just coming out of his dental office , only to meet his former classmate, his former classmate was sure he was a doctor because he was in his white coat.

They engaged in a dialogue and the question popped out “what kind of doctor are you?” Idris replied with a note of confidence “I’m a dentist” only to discover the face that was fulfilled with admiration a while ago has gone pale.

It was obvious Mr Shola didn’t know the worth of a dentist and some people are still ignorant about this profession.

However, dentistry is a noble profession unlike what Mr Shola had thought it to be, “pulling of tooth”. Dentists are actually doctors who specialize in the treatment of the oral cavity and it’s adjacent structures.

The dentist spend the same amount of years studying along side their medical colleagues even doing surgery in their undergraduate days and going through much stress and after their induction jobs are readily available.

Dentistry and dental surgery has 9 recognized specialties which can be group into smaller units;

1) Oral and maxillofacial surgery. They don’t complex operations from removal of wisdom tooth to treatment of oral cancer.

2) Orthodontics .They help to straighten misaligned jaws and much more

3) Endodontics. They are known for their Root canal treatment and deep root cleaning. which gives you that confidence to kiss your girl deeply provided that she also has a nice set of dentition.

4)General practitioners. they know little about everything.This the guy you first meet before the others only when he can’t handle your case.

Other sub-specialties include oral pathology, oral radiology, dental anaesthetia, periodontics and prosthdontics.

Why Become A Dentist?
Being a dentist gives you prestige. It allows you save lives and put a smile on other’s faces.

It exposes you to less emergencies unless you wanna be an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

The pay is good and equal to doctors pay scales because all dentists are surgeons, so they earn higher than physicians.

The country needs dentists.

So I would want to know if you guys have ever visited a dentist.

Note. Please take your grandparents or parents who have lost their teeth to a dentist today.I bet you, they would live normally again. And before you go, also read: Why Dentistry is said to be better than Medicine and Surgery here.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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