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How To Deal With A Rejection In A Relationship

Rejection can be disastrous. It can cause different things that is to say, psychological torture, self resentment, diseases related to stress etc. One can handle any kind of rejection maybe caused by a friend but that which someone cannot get a way with just like that is “romantic rejection.” With this kind of rejection, people tend to do all crazy things so that maybe their ex could think twice about his decision. Usually, even after this kind of drama and the person gets back to you, it usually comes with a couple of challenges. 

Many a time, people do not want to suffer this kind of treatment yet they are always caught up in the trap. One of the reasons as to why a person should fight the rejection is because it destabilizes your sense of belonging. This situation gets you thinking that probably you have been abandoned by every one hence self rejection.

Truth is that at least 99% have faced relationship fall outs and have been in that similar boat. Whereas you are still thinking on how to fight this brain eating animal, these are some of the ways on how to overcome it:

  • Engage more with friends: Being around friends can help you kill that feeling of rejection. At least you get to converse, crack jokes and do lots of crazy things. All these activities can help you get rid of all these nightmares.
  • Engage yourself in physical activities: You can take gym classes, play ball etc and a summation of these activities can be of great help.
  • Tell yourself that it will end: With this kind of positivity, psychologically this helps one to easily overcome the power of rejection.
  • Focus outside yourself:  Try and learn something new, erase thoughts of your ex from your brain. Fill your brain with productive thoughts which can help you become a better person. Besides, it also boosts your self esteem.

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