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Are you Curious About Why Your NOUN CGPA Dropped? Get In Here!!!

Are you Curious About Why Your NOUN CGPA Dropped? First, let us explain what TCC, TCE, TGPE, CGPA means…

A: (TCC)Total Credit Carried
This means the total number of credit units of courses that you have written so far till date (both the ones the students passed and the ones he/she failed if any). It is the total credit unit of all attempted exams so far.

B: (TCE) Total Credits Earned
This is the total number of credit units of courses a student passed so far.

C: (TGPE)Total Grade point earned
This is the total grade points calculated by multiplying the unit of each course by the point of the grade you scored in them.
Here’s a sample result (course code, unit of the course and the score):

CIT101 (2units) A
MTH103 (3units) B
PHY101 (2units) D
MTH101 (3units) F
GST101 (0units) A

Total credits carried = 10
Total credits earned = 7
Total grade point earned = (2×5 + 3×4 + 2×2 + 3×0 + 0x5) = (10 + 12 + 4 + 0 + 0) = 26

D: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
This is the total grade points earned divided by the total number of credits carried. In the above example, for instance, CGPA for such candidate will be calculated as 26/10=2.60

E: CGPA Classification
First Class (4.5 to 5.0)
Second Class upper (3.5 to 4.49)
Second Class lower (2.4 to 3.49)
Third Class (1.5 to 2.39)

Why Your NOUN CGPA Dropped?

Curious about why your CGPA dropped?? On the first night when the result was released, The school management used your Total Credit earned (TCE) divided by your TOTAL GRADE POINT EARNED (TGPE).
It seems this was erroneously done)

Upon review: The school management resolved to use
your Total credit carried (TCC) divided by your Total grade points earned (TGPE).

What you have on your portal now is your actual CGPA .

“Student should cross-check theirs and compute it. They will see how the changes are been made”.


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