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How To Check Nabtab Result Without Scratch Card

This is exactly how to check nabteb result without scratch card.

So if you have been searching for information on how to check your nabteb result,

this comprehensive guide will walk you through.

This actually a step by step guide to checking nabteb result without any scratch card.

You will learn how to check NABTEB result without scratch card here!

students writing nabteb exams

Before I walk you through the steps of checking nabteb result without scratch card,

let me share with you a vital information you may not have known about NABTEB

National Business & Technical Examination Board was created in 1992.

It was established for students who are interested in crafts. The examinations were conducted by City and Guilds, Pittman’s, and Royal Society of Arts. Its creation was the culmination of the evolutionary process from 1977 to 1992.

NABTEB serves as a combination of the examination bodies

It is important for a person to know how to check NABTEB result. You can visit NABTEB Corporate website. Then click on Check Result form in the Menu.

Is it possible to check Nabteb result without scratch card?

How to check NABTEB result without scratch card

Checking your Examinations results is not possible without using the scratch card. When choosing any verification method students need to have this card. Let us show you one of the most popular methods for checking NABTEB result.

But first, you must have these information on hand:

1. Your NABTEB ID number.

2. Type of Examination.

3. Year of Examination.

4. Serial number on the card.

5. PIN on the card.

6. Your e-mail address.

NABTEB result checker

Examinations Result

Remember that you must be registered on the website before you will be able check your results.

Follow these simple steps

1. Enter your ID number.

2. Choose the type of Exam. It can be November/December, May/June.

3. Enter four figures of the Examination year.

4. Enter the serial number of your NABTEB card. It is written on the back side of the scratch card.

5. Enter 12 figures which is the PIN on your scratch card.

6. The last step is to press the Submit button. Wait for your NABTEB window. It will appear and show your result.

NABTEB scratch card

It is so easy to check your NABTEB result if you have an e-mail address. You don’t need to come back all the time on the website and use the scratch card. The reply will come to your e-mail.

But if you want to check your NABTEB result using your mobile phone instead, you need to have at least N30 credit on it. Send an SMS in this form: NABTEB*ExamNumber*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear. Send this SMS to code 32327.

NABTEB result with phone

Then to check the result, for example, for May/June, send the message in this form: NABTEB*0987654321*WRC2324785639*MJ. And again send it to 32327.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to check our results for at most, five times. For more checks, you will need a new scratch card.

Now you see that this result checker is very simple to use. Save your time. Many students are finding it very easy.

You can also check your NABTEB Examinations result without effort!

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