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2015 JAMBites: how and why you made your choices

What was important to you when you made your school and course choices? With the application process and examination behind us, we asked you how you made your choices and which …

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Are University Extra-curricular Activities Important?

Getting stuck into activities outside of your studies is great for both personal and practical reasons. There should be plenty of opportunities on hand at the university to find something that …

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Schools that ban mobile phones see better academic results

It is a question that keeps some parents awake at night. Should children be allowed to take mobile phones to school? Now economists claim to have an answer. For parents …

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8 Annoying Things About Nigerian Higher Institutions

While we are not trying to condemn our local schools, we would like to acquaint prospective students of Nigerian Higher Institutions with a few annoying things they might not like …

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Feel Like Quitting School? Try 3-D’s To Success First!

This article is specifically for those who feel like quitting school for some reasons best known to them. A Lecturer, Motivator and Astute Academic BOSS, Dr. Aloy Onyeka, Present Director …

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