Sunday , April 5 2020
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(Article) Declining Fine Arts Education In Public Schools

Worried about the rate of decline in Fine Arts Education in Public Schools, a student write to remind Nigeria about the importance of the subject in aspect of Arts and …

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Etisalat Prize for Literature Shortlist For 2014/15

Etisalat Prize for Literature Shortlist has been published for applicant writers that applied for the award in 2014. Application for the award, which was announced here sometime in June ended …

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Proposed INEC Recruitment Deadline For ADHOC Staff

Following resolution of the registration problems with ADHOC Staff application website, a proposed INEC recruitment deadline is dated December 28th, 2014. All applicants yet to submit (or complete) applications on …

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Benefits Of Having A Postgraduate Degree in Nigeria

With the increasing rate of unemployment and economic recess, one would begin to wonder if at all there are benefits of having a Postgraduate Degree in Nigeria; well there are …

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INEC Recruitment Official Website Is Down: Solution

Progress of the online application for Independent National Electoral Commission ADHOC Staff job has been interrupted since INEC Recruitment Official Website started experiencing downtime believed to be caused by increasing …

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10 NNPC Recruitment Exam Venues Across Nigeria

See list of 10 NNPC recruitment exam venues across Nigeria. As already posted here, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation employment aptitude test will hold December 6th, 2014.  Candidates are expected to …

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NNPC Aptitude Test Format For Graduate Trainees

Screening Exam for applicants of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation job will hold Saturday, December 6, 2014. Study NNPC aptitude test format for Graduate Trainees as shown below. Requirements for NNPC …

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10 Lessons for All Undergraduate Nigerian Students


This article is to let students know things to look out for before they graduate so they don’t get railroaded. If you are still a student and reading this, then …

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