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How You Can Improve Your Writing

Here’s how you can improve your writing in case you’re Nigerian student. Even though I’m referring to Nigerian students, these tips are practical for almost any non-native student.

The most common problem is that not many students actually apply the tips they come across. Don’t be that student!

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Make Reading a Habit

Do you want to be a good writer? Then you need to be a good reader. I’d suggest you immediately develop a daily reading habit. When you read English texts, always do it in a critical way. Observe how the writer puts the words in the sentences, watch the vocabulary, and try to imitate in your own essays.

Build Your Own Dictionary

Every one of us is different at remembering words. That’s why it’s important to create your own dictionary, where you’re putting all the words that give you trouble. You’ll eventually develop a habit of noting down new words every time you spot a “difficulty” in them.

Don’t Rush the Process

If you’re a foreign speaker, never rush your essay writing process. You need to work hard and smart. Working smart means working organized. You need to have a strategy, you need to give yourself enough time to do it, and you need to be patient.

Write Every Day

Here’s the best tip so far: write every day. No matter what distractions you have, you still need to place those fingers on the keyboard or take that pen in your hand. Consistency is key to mastery.

Build Confidence

Confident writers are always better writers.  In case you’re lacking the confidence that you’re actually able to do well on essay assignments, I’d highly suggest working on this disadvantage of yours. You can build confidence by staying committed and consistent, and also by asking for feedback.

Get Feedback

You’re always going to need a second opinion for your work. If a native speaker checks you progress, gives you insights on different problems you have and generally helps you with clues, your progress is going to be quick. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. No one is perfect, so you should never worry about critics.

Never Ever Give Up

You can never ever give up. This is the main criteria for success for everything we do. If we give up quick, we’re wasting away our chances of reaching the peak potential. Essay writing is complicated, yes, but it’s useful and often a must.

If you can do this, along with the other strategies, you’ll eventually succeed to write amazing essays.


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