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Beware Of The Latest NYSC Redeployment Scam

Early today 18th, 5, 2017, the NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream I Prospective Corp Members have been printing their Call Up letters.
Some are happy why some are not too happy because they were not posted to Lagos or Abuja.

However, some hungry Nigerians have made it their Job to extort and scam as many PCMs as possible using redeployment as an advantage.

These scammers are aware that you as a Prospective Corp Member is desperate to redeploy from the state you are posted. Most people will act funny when desperate. They know that you are desperate and they will hammer on that weakness.

Do not fall for the scam! You are smarter than that. You are not too desperate not to think straight.

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Most of the time, they spread their messages in whatsapp groups and also via Private messages

They will assure you that they will work your posting for you and then you will pay them and that’s the end of Solomon Grandy.
And then, Boom!! Sorry!! You have been Scammed.

There are normal redeployment processes and if you have a good reason, you will be redeployed. You do not need to contact anyone or pay anybody for redeployment.

Here is a sample of their message:


Yet another batallion of Corp members have been deployed to serve their Fatherland.

Congrats to those who got their asking states…..for those who didn’t; all hope is not lost.

Just contact 07062487796(whatsapp enabled) for your redeployment


NB: Serious minded people only

Kindly ReBc

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