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Best Subject Combination for Law in JAMB

Should you wish to become a Lawyer, this article contain Best Subject Combination for Law in JAMB 2015 UTME to enter any school in Nigeria. We have created this topic to help candidates (who are yet to apply) to know O’level subjects they will be examined on as aspiring Law Students in Nigerian Universities or those studying the course under education.

JAMB Subject Combination For Law

To apply for Law in JAMB, you need the following subjects:-

  1. English Language (compulsory for all courses)
  2. Literature,
  3. Economics/CRK/IRS and
  4. Any other Social Science subject.

In addition to knowing the subjects to write in the exam, candidates preparing for JAMB UTME 2015 are expected to use approved syllabus in other to know areas of concentration in other to obtain high scores. See [ JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects ]

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board will by April, conduct the 2015 UTM Examination for entrance into undergraduate degree programmes in Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Vocational Schools. Registration centres for the examination are as published via [ List of JAMB Registration Centres in all States ].

What if you have chosen the wrong subjects?

Due to lack of timely information on JAMB subject combination for Law as this provided above, candidates usually make mistake in their registration. Well, if you have chosen the wrong subjects for your course, there seems to be NOTHING you can do FOR NOW. You have to prepare and write the subjects you have chosen. Then check back here at (www.students.com.ng) after checking your JAMB result for Change of Course/Institution.

Meet Our Course Adviser!

Students Nigeria now have an experience Course Adviser. He will guide you on anything regarding your admission this year; ranging from subject matters, mistakes in registration, best course to study, when best to apply, issues on supplementary admissions, change of subjects, courses and school, etc. If you have been writing JAMB for years without success, this should be your last time. Ask a question now using comment box. He will guide you to success!

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  1. Okafor Chukwuma Friday

    My name is Chukwuma and I want to ask if I could get admission into University of law by combining my waec and neco results
    because I have literature f9 and c6 in NECO

  2. Okafor Friday chukwuma

    can I combined my NECO and waec results to gain admission into University
    by having Waec f9 in literature and C4 in Neco

  3. Emezina Chuks scanty

    pls can I combined my NECO and waec results to gain admission
    Waec literature f9 Neco c4

  4. please is crs compulsory ,as a law student


  6. Big time. you have to do corrections of data

  7. Pls i offered the following subject while in secondary school wanted to study law pls is it permitted

    English language
    Agriculture science

  8. for law i put English, lit in English, c…R..k and Gvt hope am good to go


  10. Akin is my name. Don’t know if this is a mistake. I chose CRK, Lit-in-English, Govt and English as my UTME subject. But I didn’t offer CRK at O’level. In fact, it’s not in my current WASSCE certificate. Can that affect my chances of gaining admission? That is, must I offer all UTME subjects at O’level? If yes, now that I have uploaded my O’level result without CRK on JAMB e-reg portal, can I can undo that upload, use an awaiting result then, re-upload if the new SSCE result containing the CRK result comes out later in the year? I need a proper guide, sir.

  11. i choose government, literature, English, civic,

  12. I put English, literature, government and civic can it go.

  13. We are on the same lame, pls Emmype reply this comment

  14. pls is literature compulsory for law nd is it advisable to write jamb b4 weac i need a quick response pls

    • @ Ujunwa..Take one step at a time…Sit for your WAEC and get the credits before applying for JAMB…Literature is compulsory!

  15. Princess-Precious Reuben

    I put English, lit in English, Crs and economics in my jamb to study Law…i hope it is possible

  16. Pls l got lit d7 pls can I study law with this result

    • No, you wouldn’t. It is advisable you go for an other course that would not require the necessary use of Literature, which I doubt would be available being that this is an Art department. You can also rewrite or take a new exam; GCE, NECO or WAEC.

  17. Hello..please I chose law as my first choice and French as my second choice in jamb..so my subject combination should include French since French is my second choice…but I was told not to include French in my subject combination…so please I want u to help me with my subject combination in jamb.Thank you.

  18. what are the subjects ill right in jamb for law

  19. Hello
    I am Albert Loppy, I would like to study Law.
    I score c6 in English, e8 mathematics, b3 History, C.R.K c5, Gov’t c6, Agric c4, General Science b3 and Health Science c5

  20. but i search online, they said that maths is compulsory.
    i need response, because ive search for admission for 9 years and i dnt want to seat at home again, if there is any source or contact notify me. pls
    my number 08136962416

  21. i Need Quick Response, i scored 227 in this year jamb, my O level
    Maths D7
    crs B3
    gov B2
    lit in eng C5
    civic edu A1
    english B3
    Biology B3
    Animal husb A1
    I choose Law in University of Lagos (Unilag) do i have a chance or i should change.

  22. Math-cancel for the whole center

    Can I use to enter any school?.

  23. Math-cancel for the whole center

  24. can I study law without CRS

  25. can I study law without CRS

  26. Can i study mass comm,political science,phsycology with eng,civic,crs ,govt

  27. i dont write government in my waec can i PUT GOVERNMENT FOR MY JAMB SUBJECT IN LAW

  28. i dont write government in my waec can i PUT GOVERNMENT FOR MY JAMB SUBJECT

  29. I had D7 in my O level and want to use it for law is it possible

  30. I got b3 English, d7 lit, b3 govt, a1crk. can study law in inn.

  31. I wanna study law, but I dont have literature but I have English, Government, Islamic and economic, can I register jamb with?

  32. Pls can I still study law without CRK?I didnt seat for it during waec.I have c6 In literature b2 in gov n economics respectively

  33. Can a D in Maths be accepted by any school? I succeeded in all my other subjects except this one.

  34. Please sir,can one combine use of English,literature in English,CR’s and government for law in the 2017 jamb examination

  35. Please I came across your portal on the internet and I want to seek for counseling on what course to study with the following subjects in my O’level; please can i study law with this result

    Mathematics – C5
    English – E8
    Government – C5
    Economics – C6
    Christian Religious Studies – B3
    Literature in English – C6
    Civic Education – C5
    Yoruba – C6

  36. yes you can sutay in uniben.

  37. I didn’t include economics in my waec subjects,, but I made all my papers Pls can I go and study law in Uniben

  38. plss i hav credit in bio,eng,maths,chem,phys,gov,lit,econs,civic cn i study law with this

  39. Read through the post, you will get answer to your question

  40. can i study law with this subject combination? eng, crs , economic, literature

  41. Hello, pls, can I study combined law without IRS in my o level result, I did IRS in the first sitting.

  42. Can one use GCE results to study Medcine?

  43. please,,can i study law in lasu with this jamb combination(eng,crs,lit,govt)?pleasee i nid a reply

  44. Pls as a law student i register 2 do English, government,literature nd yoruba… it is allow 4 me

    • @ Kayode Iyanu, why don’t you take CRS instead. I don’t think Yoruba is efficient for this course.

  45. i want to study law in university bt in my waec i didnt make govt bt in brochures it written dat u cn use any social science study nd i want to use econo it replace govt is it possible

  46. Olasunkanmi by name….. Can i use English, lit-in-eng, gov, crs for ma jamb sub combination coz i want to read law at olabisi onabanjo university…. Plz i need an answer

  47. pls, is maths most?

  48. are u rli sur econs isnt compulsory bcos som websites ddnt put econs slash irs dey just put only econs so i bcame a bit scared

  49. Hello,I want too make enquiry if I would be admitted too study law in university of calabar,in my olever result for weac I had all subject in weac but didn’t seat for crk in my weac I had a deficient on my economics I had d7 but I also wrote neco which I had C6 on my economics,my question is can I combine but result too study law in unical

  50. Please can i take jamb exam before waec?

  51. i put eng lit ecn and civic edu i want to knw whether they are ok for law

  52. What other couse tally with law subject combination. I need a second choice course in case I score low.

  53. Please is English, literature, government and Commerce okay for civil law at ABU?


    I too personaly like to use English, CRK, Govt,and Literature in English for my jamb.

  55. please i registered geography, government, literature, English in my jamb. can i use this to study civil law in abu?

  56. Dahunsi odunayo

    Hello, am odunayo from Lagos. This is my law jam combination Economics, lit, government, English. I chose uniben. a GUY told me that my combination is wrong. & am very confused now. which other school can i choose or What? pls help

    • @Dahunsi: No worries, its okay 🙂

      • Dahunsi odunayo

        Sir, which school do u think I change to on Monday. that will allow my combination of economics ,govt, lit eng for law. Pls, I need response. the school that have this on their brochure (1.English Language (compulsory for all courses)2.Literature,3.Economics/CRK/IRS and4.Any other Social Science subject.) pls I want federal uni. because I want 2 change from uniben 2 anoda uni because of this speculation

      • @Dahunsi: You did not tell us your score, kindly tell us your JAMB score to be able to guide you on choice of school. You may also contact us directly via this link.