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Best Country To Study Abroad: 6 Points To Consider

Since studying overseas is the very first dream of every Nigerian student who wants to complete tertiary education, we thought it necessary to update on choosing best country to study abroad. Obviously, everybody doesn’t get a chance to study in foreign country but if you are getting an opportunity then you are lucky. Despite of many privileges, students have much confusion primarily related to country where they want to study. To cut down such confusion, you can look for four factors such as language, culture, safety, course, availability of scholarships and environment, before you choose to study in abroad. This post will help you decide which country to try as elaborate on the choices below.

Language As Determinant of Best Country To Study Abroad

In most of the cases, many students want to get more familiar with the language they have learned in the school. For this reason they choose countries like United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, etc. These places are very popular amongst Nigerian students who are looking for overseas university education. Before you plan to go anywhere, you must check how much proficiency you have in language of the country. If you are a beginner however you can communicate well then you may have to take a test provided by a school, this may be Test of English as a Foriegn Language (TOEFL), or others. Often your school also offers placement test to judge command on foreign language. You can enrol for some class workshop to sharpen your language skill when admitted.

Culture As Determinant of Best Country To Study Abroad

Every student doesn’t go to foreign country to sharpen language skill. Many times, one who knows English may go to other country where spoken language is entirely different. This may be because of reason that some students want to learn culture of the country. At times, student gets attracted because of the history of a country. However, this is possible for countries such as Spain, France and Italy, which have historical significance. While staying in abroad check out for local culture, custom and tradition, visit public places such as churches, museums and art galleries.

Courses As Determinant of Best Country To Study Abroad

Yes course of study offered in schools does attract foreign students, depending on how well they are thought and Nigerians are not blind to this fact. We go for the best! It is not unusual to see Nigerians searching for topics like: best country to study Medicine, Surgery, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, etc. Although no single country has it all, but those in the UK certainly have good record in courses like Law, those in US have track record in Medicine, Business Courses, our friends in India deal with Computing, Information Technology, etc. Consider fees and know which country is best for you and give it a shot!

What if there are scholarships in that country?

Yes sure we love free things, moreso when it’s FREE EDUCATION! Nigerians love countries that readily offer scholarships for study programmes in various courses. #Check back for list of countries to try based on this.

Safety As Determinant of Best Country To Study Abroad

Although there is a saying that “Nigerians are everywhere” – there’s almost certainly a student of Nigerian descent in almost every tertiary school in the world, but then they do give importance to their safety. One should get ideas about various crimes, offences and terrorist attacks. Keep yourself updated about latest news on travel and safety warning of the country you are willing to study. You should maintain a diary to note down important phone numbers of local authorities and the country’s embassy to call in cases of emergency.

And What About Environment?

As you are going to spend a year and more in abroad ( for undergraduate or Postgraduate programmes), you should choose a country that has good weather which suites your health. Since you are there for study, it is necessary that you don’t get sick, ill and weak. Spend hale and healthy life and try to concentrate on study. And when you are done, don’t forget motherland Nigeria!

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