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NYSC PCMs- 5 Benefits Of Arriving Early To Camps

Are you a Prospective Corp Member getting ready for a three weeks NYSC Orientation Camping? Are you the type of person that never really see the benefits of arriving early at any destination?

There are some persons with a habit of coming late for any occasion. Many of such ones would still come late to the camp.

Well there might be some perceived benefits for them which we do not know. However, the benefits of coming to camp early far outweigh that of coming late.

Below are five (5) benefits you will enjoy if you arrive early to NYSC oreintation camp.

5 Benefits Of Arriving Early To Camps

1. Arriving early would enable you to meet a lot of other corp members who are on their way to the same state of deployment. Their company can lessen the stress of finding your way in this new place alone.

2. Most often when you arrive at the major park of the city you would realize that they are free buses available to convey corp members to the camp. A privilege that is not available after a day or two.

3. Next arriving early would allow you to follow along easily with the procedures involved in doing your registrations, filling forms, getting a comfortable room and also settling down.

4. Settling down early would enable you to embrace your new environment and to cut down some of the novice look on your face.

5. Arriving early would also enable you to easily join some vital groups in the camp before entry is closed. These groups like Red Cross, OBS and others usually have certain preference during assigning place of primary assignment.

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