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How To Become A Pilot In Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to become a pilot in Nigeria? If yes, this guide is for you. In this post, I will show you how to become a pilot in Nigeria, the training required and certifications needed.

Who is a Pilot?

The airline pilot provides passenger transport for airlines from one airport to another. The commercial pilot exercises limited control activities according to their qualifications (freight, humanitarian missions, land, fight against fires …)..

Duties of a Pilot

The airline pilot (captain or first officer) must prepare and plan carefully for its flight as well as confirm all the safety requirements before take off. So. every pilot but be fully trained on the flight safety procedures.

Pilot must constantly monitor the weather situation, dialogue with the control towers, ensure fuel consumption, and be ready to deal with the unexpected.

Airline pilot is prestigious but difficult profession that demands physical strength and mental intelligence. They pass through sleepless nights, jetlag and other pressure related to passenger safety.

Before entering the title of captain (CBD), responsible for all the crew, the airline pilot must accumulate experience for years as co-pilot (OPL).

The commercial pilot performs several duties such as freight transport, humanitarian missions, rescue, towing advertising banners, aerial photography, agricultural operations, and airborne drop.

Education / Training to become an airplane pilot in Nigeria

There are two channels to be a pilot in civilian life.

– The civil sector state depends of the The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology ( NCAT is funded by the Civil Aviation Department in the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Aviation.

Anybody can be admitted to the school especially he or she passed the eligibility requirements. There are 11 steps to apply for admission into this school.

These are;

  1. Obtain a PIN Code from any branch of First Bank nationwide upon the payment of N11,000 Application Fee to the Cashier.
  2. Logon to
  3. Read the Qualification Criteria.
  4. Click on ‘Register’ above to fill the registration form. Ensure you type the PIN Code obtained from the bank correctly NOTE: Registration is to be done once. If you have registered before just Login to continue filling your form.
  5. On successful registration, you will receive a success email and SMS from ‘NCAT’.
  6. Click on ‘Login’ to login, then you can start filling the forms.
  7. Edit your Application Profile (This will require a passport photo and your biodata).
  8. Edit your Institution Attended.
  9. Edit your Qualifications (WASSCE, and other Certificates are entered here).
  10. Edit/Upload Documents (Attach your Certificates here). The next section (Declaration and submission of form) will not be displayed untill all sections have been filled correctly.
  11. Print your Acknowledgement / Exam Admission Card.

– The private sector (fifty schools) trains professional pilots, which can then become an airline pilot. To become a professional pilot licenses and different skills are required for certain types of flights.

Each training step depends on the trade: commercial pilot license, instrument rating, MCC, QT … multi pilot qualification.

All courses, which include theoretical and practical tests are very expensive because of the large number of flight hours they imply.

How to Become Military Pilot in Nigeria

Apart from becoming a pilot through civil training, you can also become a military pilot or a military yet lifter if you enroll with the Nigeria Air force or the Nigerian Defense Academy.

Those are the ways to become a pilot in Nigeria. Both ways requires you to go to school and obtained the required certifications before you are given a license as a pilot.

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