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How To Acquire Medical Certificate For NYSC Camp

Are you looking to acquire a medical certificate for NYSC? Obtaining a medical certificate for NYSC Camp can be quite difficult to get.

This article will specifically give you the step-by-step guide to obtaining your medical certificate without stress.

medical certificate for NYSC

To obtain your medical certificate, you would be required to undertake the following steps.

1. Go to a Government or Military Hospital and get registered. Upon registration, a file would be opened in your name and a hospital card would be issued to you.

2. Thereafter, you would be directed to the various laboratories (if available) where the required tests are conducted. There, your samples are obtained and tested. In most instances, not all the tests would be conducted in the hospital labs due to insufficient staff or materials. Hence, you may need to patronise private labs for some tests.

3. Once the tests have been conducted, you need to obtain the results for your medical records. You then take these test results to the doctor as your certificate would be based on the test results.

It is important to ensure the document issued to you by the doctor is signed and the stamp of the Governmnt Hospital properly imprinted on the certificate.

Also, no matter the circumstances, the Certificate of Medical Fitness must be issued ONLY by a doctor under the employment of a Government or Military Hospital. Don’t carry out the tests in a Government laboratory and get a private hospital to issue you the certificate. Such certificates would be unfit for purpose.

It is not advisable to procure this medical certificate by bribery or without undergoing the medical tests. This is because these tests offer you an opportunity to find out your true state of health which you should take advantage of.

We hope these step-by-step guide have simplified the process of obtaining a medical certificate for NYSC. If you have any more enquiries, kindly make use of the comment section below.


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