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7 Tips To Help Parents Prepare Children For Resumption

Resuming school can be a difficult time for children. Every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and see people she’s never met before.

Some parents are also experiencing mixed feelings, as they anticipate the first day of school and on the other, calculating huge school bills that must be paid.

7 Tips To Help Parents Prepare Children For Resumption

Here are some helpful ways Parents can adopt to prepare thier child for school.


At the minimum, a week before school starts, get them back into an earlier bedtime routine and wake them at the time they will need to get up for school.

This will help them get used to the routine and reduce any arguments that may arise on the first day of school and even on subsequent days.


The night before the first day of school let them go to bed very early. If normal bedtime is 8pm, let them sleep at 7.30pm.

You may have to tuck them in bed and remove any distractions that would prevent them from falling asleep.

According to the sleep foundation, preschoolers (3 to 5 years) are recommended to sleep between 10 to 13 hours daily while school-aged children (6 to 13 years) are recommended to sleep between nine to 11 hours daily.

Waking up early in the morning should be a breeze if they have a good night’s rest.


One thing you don’t want to deal with is anxiety. Don’t let the back to school rush get you in a fluster. Start now to pick up on all school supplies – snacks, stationery, lunch bags, school bag etc.

Drawing up a timetable for your child’s snacks and lunch will help you be more in control of what your kid eats and drinks at school.


Go over your children’s clothing now.  Kids grow and increase in size just as they play also.

So of course, you would most likely need to do a random check for tears and determine if the kids can still conveniently wear them and be comfortable in them.

Whether you are buying new school wears or patching things up, it’s good to tick that aspect off as soon as possible.

Don’t forget a trip to the barber or hair salon. Do not leave this to a day before school as you may be swamped with other activities.


After “weeks of fun” spent during the long holiday, your child may struggle to get back into the mood for school work.

To counter this, two weeks before school resumes, introduce worksheets, reading and writing activities to your kids to help them prepare for academic work.

There are learning games online that can help kids “wake up the brain” and put them in the school mood quick.


Review their last term assessment reports and results to determine areas to work on with their class teacher and have a discussion with your child.

If they are starting a new school, you can have conversations with your kid’s new teacher on the areas of improvement and realistic expectations.


When school actually starts, plan out school day routines. There is a time for everything including a time to wake, eat, go to school, do homework, house chores, play and go to bed.

Preparing all the items your child will use for the next day the evening before, will bring order to your life and save you time and a whole lot of stress.

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