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3 Questions You Should Never Ask During A Job Interview

As an applicant or job seeker, when you go for an interview, a lot of questions seems to be racing through your mind wondering if you’ve got the job or your CV is impressive enough. However there are some questions that expose your weakness and make you appear not fit for the job. They include the following:

1. How Often Does The Team Hang Out After Hours?

It’s normal for you to be eager to know the kind of people you want to work with. But please try and keep cool during your job interview. Guys want to know if their co-workers are those that will be willing to have a drink with them after work. The reality that you spend more time with your co-workers than you do with most other people in your life makes you want to rant and ask the type of people who are on the team. However, asking a recruiter to talk about what goes on after-hours makes it sound like you care more about the happy hour scene. Again, you should care about the culture of the company and not paint a picture of one who cares more about after hours.

2. If This Doesn’t Work Out, Would You Consider Me For Another Opening?

This is a very careless question to ask during a job interview. Always note that the interview process isn’t over when the hiring manager takes a pass. Some organisations bring people back in for new openings because they considered their performance impressive. They are of the view that the role in question wasn’t a good fit for them and they fit for other roles.

However, it is not your responsibility to determine this factor. You are not the one to ask those interviewing you if you are fit for other positions. It is a totally different case if they ask you. Then you can give them appropriate response. Those who beg for interviewers to keep them in mind for other positions don’t get considered for the job.

3. Do I Have The Job?

Ok, so at the close of the interview, you want to know your rating and ask if you have the job. Don’t ever make the mistake of asking this question. Whether bluntly or stylishly, don’t ask for compliments from your interviewer if you did well or not. This makes you appear like you don’t believe in yourself or your performance. But here’s the thing: Even when you think you’ve impressed your interviewer, it’s important not to start digging for compliments or reassurances.

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