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20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria

20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria

What we have here is an unverified listing of 20 degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria. Included also is another 20 courses with worst employment opportunities in Nigeria. In these lists, the compiler (a student like you) have taken time to observe the Nigerian employment market and propose this list as a course-choice-guide to prospective students who wish to apply for admission into the university.

Note that this is a mere hypothesis that stand to be criticized. Your contribution is welcome on what you think is better. Feel free to comment courses you feel should be on the list of best or worst courses after viewing the writer’s opinion. Let’s form a forum!

1. Civil Engineering
2. Agriculture Science.
3. Medicine.
4. Economics.
5. Business & Administrative
6. Geology
7. Computer Science/IT
8. Nursing
9. Architecture
10. Health Education
11. Home Economics
12. Marketing
13. Graphics Art.
14. Accounting & Finance
15. Fishery.
16. Pharmacy.
17. Physics
18. Human Resources
19. Law
20. Chemistry

1. Religious Studies
2. Political Science
3. Music
4. Zoology
5. Primary Education
6. French
7. Sport
8. Sociology
9. Counseling Psychology
10. Geography
11. Language
12. Library and Information Science
13. Fine Art
14. Philosophy
15. Social Studies
16. Mass Communication
17. Botany
18. Physical Education
19. Theatre Art
20. English Literature

Now have your say, make a contribution now!

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  1. Political science is a good course in Nigeria only if you further till PhD.


    I want to study BSC nursing in one of the Nigerian universities what are d requirement.

  3. Is Environmental Science & Resource Management marketable and lucrative in nigeria? i need urgent answers pls

  4. Awesome post you have here. This course are indeed the best to study in Nigeria. I also wrote about 10 Nigerian University Courses You Shouldn’t Study; Avoid Them Like A Plague here

  5. I think it’s all at making the best out of it,just remember ur role models

  6. Omotoyosi kadri

    I want to study mass communication, which subject should I apply for in jamb

  7. Mass communication,music and political science should be among d best bkuz they are part of d best Art coures in unversities

  8. philosophy a course that encompasses almost if not all realities ranging from nature of truth, meanings of life,values,fundamental problems etc .student of philosophy acquires variety of knowledge due to its broad nature,bcos unlike other field of study it has no area Of specialisation thereby concernin itself with realities of life and futher Equips students with critical thinking abilities(d ability to think critically),problem solving ability; solving societal problems ,xpressing oneself clearly and coherently, ability to seperate or distiguish truth or knowlede from prejudice,believe and opinion,to mention a few. U can’t do without philosophy and philosophizing,to say philosophy is a worst course u are actually philosophising and so u are making use of philosophy. u have intellect be more rational in ur writeups,u created platform for subjectiv views and questionin dat indeed is good in itself. Every discipline is geared towards some great good. 08064480388

    • Thanks for that. Am a philosopher and am so proud to be a philosopher. I see their uploads as committing fallacy but thanks for that clarification on their misconceptions of ideology

  9. Wait o. Literature and mass communication among d worst courses.a. Na waoo

  10. Whoever composed this is highly retarded, you have no authority in what you delved into. There is no best or worst course, it is what you make out of what you studied. Dont post this type of rubbish next time to demoralize people. Jobs will find you if you are good in your field. Every filed is important and schools that offer it are not stupid, you dont know more than them.

  11. is surveying and geoinformatics a good course

  12. thumb up, for rating civil engineering to be first among the equals

  13. Pls is Soil science a good course to study and what are the job opportunities?…i need answers pls

  14. HOW polictical science a bad course to study in 9ja

  15. you forgot statistics

  16. Hello admin I enroll English, government,economics,literature in jamb what course can I study in university?

  17. Primary Education is the best course to study, with jobs opportunity, Unicef can take you, you can be E.S or a headmaster or work in primary board. Its also the educational foundation of everybody on earth.
    Proud “Pred” students in Danfodiyo Sokoto.
    Usman Aliyu Tambuwal

  18. geography among the worst courses? you gave yourself credit for compiling shit, am studying environmental resource management, department of geography and environmental science (unical) am selling already go back and conduct a good research.

  19. Wic is highly marketable pharmacy or civil engineer

  20. Which one is highly marketable
    Pharmacy or civil engineer

  21. I’m not surprised to see masscom among the list of worst courses. Unfortunately, most students still continue to apply for it in hundred of thousand.

  22. what of medical lab science?

  23. yes i concor, thank you for a job well done

  24. Thank You For A Job Well Done

  25. I have been given fishery and Aqualculture technology to study @futa pls can i go on with it ? and hw is the rate of employment

    • Is a nice course, it is under agriculture and many food manufacturing bisness and products are in need of the course and also u can start up your bisness after school

  26. There are no bad courses. If a course works in developed countries, it can work here. It all depends on what you make out of it. D root cause of this problem is the fact that people fail to choose their careers base on what they have interest in. You can’t pursue a career of your interest without discovering a problem you are coming to the world to solve. See a career counselor to choose a course that will give you satisfaction later in life. Admin, Weldon

  27. Ofeimu isaac tosin

    guy u need to do ur research again b4 posting jagons.i think geography is d best. great geosan

  28. Good to know.

  29. ubaidullah bala gambo

    I am art student still in o level pls can I study nutrition&dietetics

  30. wondering which courses are easier to get in univesity, you know with less competition

  31. pls need a copy of a curriculum vitae sample. well done guys.

  32. I don’t think there any course that is integrated into the university or polytechnic curriculum that is bad.
    It is pertinent to note that education is poise toward knowledge acquisition and using it to solve real life problems.
    Be that as it may, it is a career counsellor that is in capacity to advice prospective students on their career path.
    Conclusively, to say a course is good or bad is a fallacy of hasty generalization.

  33. So some people are educated illiterate. How can someone woke up and classified courses into best & worst. A learned and rational person should do thorough research and come out with fact beyond reasonable doubt before posting something like this. Is it only employment that is paramount in the world? I urge Nigerian academician/ elite to not reason like the way illiterate do. We should add value to whatever we are doing. Every course is for a purpose.Thanks

  34. I made english, physics, chemistry & agric. Wat course cn i study?

  35. So ill informed…extremely poor and myopic jugdement…

  36. you have no right to name Geography as one of the worst courses to study… do u know the meaning of Geography at all?

  37. please, what do you think about optometry in Nigeria.

  38. so mass communication is nothing to Nigerians

  39. Well, for me I don’t see any reason why some courses should be classified under worst or best. All what I can say is their is no worst course in the world, they are all good unless u choose to make them worst. Believe this post is just another of discouraging people in their course of interest. It’s not about you well you are paid but the joy and the contentment you fine when you do your dream work, so I urge you to make corrections next time before posting like this. You will not know how many people it affect, but it really does.

  40. Hello admin am a science student i need u to tell me more about home economs or geology watsap me on dis num 09090215906

  41. Does that mean that we that are studying mathematics have no future in Nigeria… Please think twice before discouraging some people

  42. I’m a student of this department in ABU ZARIA It Is A gud Course Guy U cn Work In Any Industries In Nigeria Mines And Steel In Aspect Of tiles production ceramics polymer production wood technology wielding also in Airport in maintenance of steel on aircrafts refineries in maintenance of pipelines setting and rusting corrosion maintenance and many more I cnt list all nw bt u have many job opportunities if u graduate frm dis course jst graduate well in aspect of enterpreneurship wielding skills only is lucrative we also fabrication foundry are all d skills dat u would learn frm dis course so its a lucrative course and also d people dat study dis course in nigeria is low and dis increase d job opportunities tnks hope my advice was helpful

  43. I Score 189 At Jamb Can Get Admtion On F.U.D Computer Science

  44. I’m trying to choose between studying Modern Languages and Pure Linguistics. Which should I opt for pls?

  45. pls what about metallurgical and materials engineering
    what is d job rate in 9geria
    which school is best to study it

    • Chimezie Precious

      It’s an extremely good Course and I know someone that studied it…They are needed in oil companies and the best university for it is FUTO….. (Federal University of Technology Owerri)


  47. Pls I want to study biology In a poly for my hnd,wil I v a good job opportunity? I nid a quick reply pls

  48. like sum persns av said alredy, studin in d uni b based on d job opportunities bt shuld b based on wat one cn offer to d pple upon graduatn, dat s to say, study a course dat u cud becum an employer of labour wen u graduate!!!

  49. 1.Agriculture
    2. Agricultural-Economics
    3.Nutrition and dietetics
    check Jamb brochure to know more.

  50. Abdulrahman Ishaq

    what job opportunities are there in physics?

    • man; career in physics include geophysics, petrophysics, solar energy, solid state physics & material sc., nuclear physics, space science & electromagnetism, radiation & medical physics, system engineering etc.

  51. what about courses like electrical and mechanical engineering.. what are their
    job prospect…..?

  52. pls i studied library n information science at federal polytechnic nasarawa wit an upper credit. i want to buy D.E form dis year but am planing to change my course to economics..dont knw if it will b possible…..pls i nid ur reply

  53. i want to be an actor iz theatre arts a nyc course does it has job opp…

    • Tolulope-Ajewole Mary Shade

      Please i studied Office Technology and Management for my HND and am now working as a secretary i want to do my Degree.
      what course can i go for.

  54. Uhm…first off, the person that compiled this is a retard
    And secondly, stop discouraging students with this shitty post!
    Every course is vital

  55. @ compiler. I tink ur findins (of d bst & worst courses…) ws based on lucr8tifnes only. I’d rada u balance it up wit d way it affects d human person. See wat I mean. Illustratifly, music, they say, is part of life; odas say is life. Supportin dis metaphoric statemnt, i’ll say human can’t do witout sound! Wat du u tink?


  57. pls,is animal nutrition and biotechnology a gud course to study and ao is the rate of its employment

  58. is psychology a bad course to pursue in Nigeria

  59. Am not good in Physics,pls can i go for Estate management,pls whatsapp me on 07016919929

  60. Am interested in estate management,pls is it must i will put physics in my jamb. Pls whatsapp me on 07016919929

  61. Is medcine a gud choice to b studied in unilorin

  62. you are right Noble. And another thing is that you have to be serious in all you do.

  63. Am a graduate of health education technician @ health tech with destinction as grade, people as been rubbshing d course infact am comfused. Pls i need more info abt d course b4 i futher ahead or i should choose anoda course

  64. You guys ain’t serious. Those worst courses actually rock…. par exemple: omg! French is one great course to study plus there are lotta job opportunities for French language students. I demand u edit this post immediately!

    • C’est vrai…. Mais quels sont les travail disponible pour ceux qui parle la langue Francaise….. je suis nigerian

  65. Please I need a lot of advices here because the situation of this country has brought a lot of confusion on me, I made my math, eng, Chem, phy, agric, in my waec, but I don’t the related courses I can go for. So please my people in here which of the related courses do you think could be good for me.

  66. Whoever posted this ish need to wake up and go get a life. Who’s is talking about course of study in Nigerian labour market this days?!! KNOWLEDGE, CERTIFICATE & CONNECTION are the 3 things u need to get a job in 9ja. If u know d right p’ple @ the right time and in d right places, u’re good to go no matter what u study.
    I know a graduate of sociology who’s working in the bank;;; now tell me what does sociology has to do with banking?!! The most important factor in getting a Job is GOD and the right connection NOT courses.
    I rest my case.

  67. I plead to disagree. You have every right to tell us the worst and best courses in terms of employment but I feel people should follow their heart concerning the courses they want to study cos its not all about employment, it’s about doing what you love best. Dont be moved by employment cos when you study a course for this reason you might end up regreting cos you might end up not being happy. Always try to find happiness in what you do cos that is when you can affect your generation.

  68. i am an arts student with a meritoriuos result buh I had low grade score on my lit in wassce result and I wish to go for mass comm…. But i was advised I cnt get it so which other course is better? And what if I study pure english can I still be a newscaster? Pls help me out…..whatsapp 08130972003

    • you can study linguistics and communication studies its related to masscom

    • pls
      what’s ur view abt metallurgical and materials engineering
      is it a gud course and what are d opportunities here in Nigeria
      which schl is best to study it??

  69. Please student I want to study maths/statistics in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. is this a good choice? Pls feel free and be sincere to me. I really need your help. Thanks for the good job. God bless.

  70. I am good in chemistry and very good in biology but partially good in physics am just confuse of which course to study..nursing,lab science,chemistry,pharmacy..please just give me some advice

  71. Is chemical/petrochemical engineering a good caurse, is they jobs oppoturties in nigeria? and wish of uni is best to study it?.

  72. is chemical/petrochemical engineering a good caurse, is they jobs oppoturties in nigeria?

  73. i applied for Cyber security science, can u enlighten me about it pls? whatsapp number is 08075695830. if you dont mind

  74. Please I want to study nursing,which university is the best for nursing

  75. political science is among d worse course bcus its standard is low in Nigeria

  76. F.ck what u said, ur dumb,u missed some courses… mtcheeew

    • Amarachi: Your reply stinks! And worse to know that a girl said such. Well, next time use better language. This is a forum for discussion and words should be chosen carefully. If there are courses you didn’t see, kindly list them in comment, that’s wiser than you just did!

  77. please what’s the actual school fees in pti both in ND n HND! also the post-ume cutoff mark?

  78. please what’s the actual school fees in pti both in ND n HND…

  79. Is accoutant a good course in nigeria, nd which skul is d best for it

  80. Oke Adegboyega Matthew

    I completed my ND with distinction in office technology and management at Federal polytechnic Ede, want to go for degree, which federal University offer this course

  81. I want to chuz between pure English course and Int’l Relations(OAU)plus m basing my choices on career opportunities nd hw quicker i’d get admissn(dpends on cut-off tho) i nid reliable advices

  82. What is the subject combination in Jamb i want to study international Relation

  83. I need (IMSU past questions) i want to Study international Relation) Thanks

  84. pls what are the good combination to do if someone wants to apply economic in uni and which courses you think is best for an art students to go for in uni? need a reply pls

  85. John david wright

    If maketing is up at the top then include communications

  86. pls i want to study micro-biology.is it ok

  87. Pls is Physiology a good course to Study?? And what is their chances of getting jobs in Nigeria

  88. can I enroll English maths geography and economics as geography and regional planning in jamb

  89. Pls, is Library and Info Science. Good enough. Enlighten me on d pros and cons of dis course.

  90. pls i want to study statistic….is it a good course…and will my result b accepted maths,eng,phy,bio,geography

  91. pls…is statistics a good course..and i want to use this result maths,eng,phy,bio,geo….pls can i go wif it

  92. i
    want 2 study infotech but i dont know what university 2 study in .advise m

  93. Hello! What do you think of Computer Science in Nigerian Universities?

  94. Hello..I want to study international relations..I just wanna knw if itz got good job opportunities…and the universities where I can study it..thank u

  95. any professional with vast knowledge on prospects of actuarial science in nigeria

  96. Is estate management a lucrative course ? and is unilorin a good place to study it and can you help me out with the subject combination #just getting prepared #thanks

  97. is microbiology a good course? and what are the rate of job opportunities

  98. hello oooo admin, I’m a commercial art student, and I wish to study computer science/IT or agricultural science. Please can it be possible?

    Lets talk on whatsapp: +2348148310632.

  99. Ia biomedical engineering a good course to study in nigeria
    And what uni does t

  100. Is biomedical engineering a good course to study?? an which uni offers t

  101. I want to study business administration so what the subject combination

  102. please what do you think about Applied Biochemistry?THANKS

  103. please,what do you think about Applied Biochemistry?Thank you

  104. Pls I Did social sc in school and I want to study Computer science/ IT or Tourism and Hospitality Management. Will these be possible? Thanks

  105. I refuse to believe dat political science is among d worst courses. I doubt if u knw wat it entails. So to me ur hypotheses is null nd void.

    • Lolz @Taofeek.
      Pls take it easy oooo .

    • please I am supporting Adama Taofeeg. Moh’d who refuse to belive that political science is among one of the worst course because even a medical doctor’s salary cannot be compared with a political scientist as far as Nigegria is concern.

  106. I have HND in banking and finance so am now doing a top up degree in the above course in cameroon am looking forward in doing ICAN don’t know if its a good choice.

  107. Is there any course of study in a nigerian university with this combination maths,english, economics, CRK and agric?

  108. Pls i score 192 I’m planning to study Economics in federal university lokoja. Is that course good or this institution is good for that course?. if yes, how can I get the post-utme past question? Thank u

  109. wat of religious studies is it a good course?

  110. Don’t u think dat Law should be at de top of de list? What University is best to study Law in Nigeria, is IMSU alright?

  111. kufre samuel peter

    pls wot abt computer engineering nd mathematics is it a bad course

  112. Wow! I’m LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE STUDENT, and i’ll say the reason you tagged it worse is because I probably think you aren’t literate in the field. Library and information science is one of the best courses you can ever think of studying in the university, with job opportunities from almost and if not all sphere of the economy.

    Your belittling of the course is laughable and please preach positivity and not negativity.

    With L.I.S, you are certain to get a job even before those who graduated from the ‘so-called’ best courses.

    Author please what do you think?

    • @David: Those were submissions based on the poster’s self experience. Feel free to add or remove from there and should you consider submitting your own topic on related issues, send a well written article to us via (support (@) students.com.ng)

    • Great SLT students..

  113. If you were me which one would you have choose
    1. Civil Engineer
    2.Computer Science
    3.Petroleum Engineer

  114. @students pls am confused on d discipline to choose amongst geology, computer science, microbiology nd parasitology… pls help me especially wen it comes to job opportunities in Nigeria

  115. Please I’ll like to study electrical and electronic engineering @futa is it a good course? What is it employment rate? And is futa a good school to study such course?

  116. what of agricultural and biological engineering?is that good?

  117. what’s d cutt-mark of FUOYE

  118. nice work u r doing here,am just wondering i want to study estate management so can you help me with some yoruba state university that are offfering it..may d lord bless u

  119. What of mechanical Eng. i want to study it @nekede poly

  120. Accountancy and business management; which one is better?

  121. Pls am confused, which of this course’s should i study MASS COM, or LAW n i want 2 study at OAU, Bt i dnt actually wanna b any of dem cause i wanna b a musician.

  122. i want 2 study bizz admin & mang. in poly is it a good course

    • @Helen: Yes Business Administration is a good course. Ride on 🙂

    • My dear no course is higher than each other it depends on your abilities in the course you have choesen to study and also your potentials. so do not panic in your choice of course but just pray for God’s hand to be with you in your career and verily i said to you, you will make it even if the course seems to be so common that people do not value it, you can still make something out of nothing.

  123. what is the coures of this combination(English,government,economic,hausa)

    • @Nuhun: Several course combination exist for the listed subjects. Kindly tell us what you want to read and we give your the required combinations. Thanks.

  124. Is uniosun offer architectural

  125. Hi,how do I get unilorin past question? I scored 209 applied for economics. Thanks

  126. im actually want to know if estate-management is a good course nd best employment opportunity in nigeria

    • @Bolaji: Yes that’s also another good course, very lucrative.

    • Estate management is very lucrative although few uni’s offers d course in Nigerian universities, bt verily verily I said unto you, u’ll b hapi at d end of d day wit ur degree in Estate management nd valuation

  127. I scored 188 in jamb and I want 2go to unilorin and my O’level has not complete want to do neco june/july.my question is are will going too tender our o’level result when wl go for post utme OR when will go for registration.pls reply tanks

    • @Bolaji: UNILORIN may not give you admission with any score less than 200 this year, the competition to gain admission there this year is too much! We strongly advise that you click here to apply for change of institution. If you need to read more updates from UNILORIN, click here. As for o’level, they will accept provided the result is out before registration begins for new students.

  128. Hlo admin. Am a diploma student of fisheries tech. Wit upa crdit. I want to apply to fut minna which course do I fill 4 d e in fisheries. Is t water resources, aquaculture and fish tech am a bit confuse. Tanks

  129. splendid favour

    pls…. wot of computer science/statistics wot really is d involvement…. is it related 2 computer science information technology?
    pls explain 4 me

    • Computer/Statistics is a an evolving course and will be among highest paying jobs in few years to come. And yes Computing is a ‘bit’ related to Information Tech.

  130. hi…I’m to study mass communications in Unilag….I need thier past questions plz….ASAP…. Thanks

  131. bad luck for me I scored 181medicine and surgery which course 2change to get admission to university I took biology ,physics ,chemistry and university to change 2

  132. salihu Ahmad yoffo

    I want to study medical laboratory in miaduguri (_unimaid) how do u see, I need ur advice pls.

  133. salihu Ahmad yoffo

    I want to study medical laboratory in maiduguri (unimaid)

    • That’s cool, it’s a very lucrative discipline, an oracle of modern medicine. Just be focused bcos it’s never easy.

  134. I suggest that biomedical engineering should be among the best 20

  135. @ student as a student u also ought to appreciate your teacher when he has added a knowledge to u. So am expecting thanks from u for enlightening u and your followers.

  136. I need (the polytechnic ibadan past questions along with oou) thanks wanna study mass communications

  137. I want to study biomedical engineering. I need postutme past question for unilorin and kwara poly

  138. Illiterate. You have not heard of medical laboratory science, medical rehabilitation, radiology and physiotherapy. The above discipline I mentioned earn not less than 120 thousand nira in just their one yrs internship. Not to talk if when permanently employed. Make research before u post. The above disciplines are hidden core medical courses.

    • @Chidi: Kindly don’t refer to the poster or other commenters as Illiterate next time. This post is a discussion board you ought to use and discuss course choices and chances not to insult anyone. Wiser comments are already on the thread. Only submit your own options and not throw words. Thanks for being a better Nigerian next time you comment.

  139. wat of Islamic studies and law

  140. wat abt aerospace engineering…….. nid kwasu post ume question and answers

  141. How about Criminology? Oh yes! What about History and Int’l. Studies?

  142. pls, i need university of Ibadan’s post utme past questions and answer

  143. How Can U Say Mass Com Is Nt Gud.Ve U Been Lstnin To News Of Late?Pls I Need Post Ume For Imsu Nd Bida Poly.

  144. plz I want to study international relations. Hope it is one of the best courses and what re the subject combination for it

  145. What of linguistic, pub admin, histry, and please many things is going on in this country to dictate the best course for better job…… Stop it

  146. How would you say mass comm is one of the worst courses? you’re Joking!

  147. Mass comm.should be among the best course

  148. Please what about (PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION) is it among the best course or the worst

  149. I think library and information science should b 1 of d best 20 because according to there name all business organisation nid library and information

  150. pls i need futo postutme past questions.ma number is 081****66010

  151. Estate management should be among the best 20 course.

  152. Dis is totally wrng. B cus u can’t said po.scs.mass comm and others are bd.

  153. I want to study microbiology or science laboratory.

  154. From my own opinion i believe that petroleum engneering shuold be among the best course

  155. Pls i need river state university of science and technology past post ume question papers.my no is 07033218379

  156. Partially correct.bt mass comm. Should nt be in the worst list.although is nt my course.

  157. Public admin nko……. Pls reply