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10 Most Popular Nigerian Universities According to JAMB

These Nigerian universities emerged the popular citadels of learning as analysed among others. According to the list released by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

The analysis gathers that applicants for admission into universities in Nigeria consider academic stability, popularity, affordability, available facilities and quality of lecturers in determining their choices of preferred universities.

Here are 10 most sought after universities in Nigeria:

1. University of Ilorin, Ilorin

10 most popular Nigerian universities

The university of Ilorin, also known as Unilorin, is a federal government owned tertiary institution of education established in 1975. The school in 2014 was ranked as the best university in Nigeria. Unilorin has proven its proficiency through its academic calendar.

This is one of the reasons for the popular demand by students. It records a total number of 103,238 applicants seeking admission during the last JAMB examination.

2. University of Benin, Benin

10 most popular Nigerian universities

University of Benin is one of Nigeria’s first generation federal universities that was founded in 1970. The institution is famous for ground breaking research work with other universities around the world and with both local and international bodies such as UNCF (United Negro College Fund), RMRDC (Raw Materials Research & Development Council of Nigeria).

Uniben also recorded a total number of 81,363 student applicants.

3. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

 Although the school has been affected by national political instability, it has continued to occupy an important place among Nigerian universities with its “national character” since its founding years.

The university established in 1962 runs a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs (and offers associate degrees and vocational and remedial programs). It also has one of the largest teaching hospitals in Nigeria and Africa.

The institution’s quality of lecturers and academic stability attracted a total number of 75,383 student applicants in 2016.

4. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

10 most popular Nigerian universities

University of Nigeria is commonly referred to as UNN. It was founded by Nnamdi Azikwe in 1955 but formally opened on 7th October 1960.

This citadel of learning is as old as the country. It is recorded in the fourth position of the most popular Nigerian universities by students.  The institution had a total number of 65,954 applicants intending to study in it.

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5. Bayero university, Kano

 Considering its academic stability, affordability, available facilities and quality of lecturers, Bayero university has been noted among the first five choices of most popular Nigerian universities with a total number of 64,220 student applicants seeking admission in this year.

6. Nnamdi Azikiwe university, Akwa

10 most popular Nigerian universities

Nnamdi Azikiwe university is commonly referred to as Unizik and it is one of 25 federal universities which are overseen and accredited by the National Universities Commission.

Unizik in 2014 according to the Universities Matriculation Examination Board bagged second most sought after university in Nigeria but in the recent list released the institution has taken the 6th position with a total number of 61,862 student applicants.

7. University of Lagos, Lagos

10 most popular Nigerian universities

The university of Lagos, popularly known as Unilag has remained one of the most competitive in the country in terms of admissions.

Unilag is among the first generation of universities in Nigeria. It has built a legacy of academic excellence. It had a total number of 60,659 student applicants seeking admission this year.

8. University of Ibadan, Ibadan

10 most popular Nigerian universities

The university of Ibadan, referred to as UI is the oldest and one of the most prestigious Nigerian universities, located in Ibadan, Western Nigeria.

Besides the college of medicine, there are now 11 other faculties. The university has residential and sports facilities for staff and students on campus, as well as separate botanical and zoological gardens.

A total number of 59,176 student applicants shows its popularity.

9. Obafemi Awolowo university, Ile Ife

10 most popular Nigerian universities

Obafemi Awolowo university commonly referred to OAU has been consistent to exacting academic standards since its founding date in 1962 in terms of research productivity.

It is ranked as the most productive university in Nigeria by NUC and by Shanghai university world rankings as it relates to Africa. This year 45,924 students intend to belong to this institution of learning.

10. University of Jos, Jos


 The university of Jos was established with the vision of being an innovative institution with great interaction between ‘town and gown’. The university still today carries a high responsibility of fashioning tastes and attitudes of the future.

Unijos which is committed to providing education that is globally competitive and relevant to the needs of today’s employer and the developing challenges of Nigeria has been able to attract a total number of 40,366 student applicants this year.

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